Actor Alex Araya found dead in Colombia Airbnb after Tinder date with two women

Alex Araya dead

A Chilean actor, Alex Araya, was found dead in his Airbnb in Colombia, leaving his family desperately seeking answers. Alex Araya, who was 42, was last seen alive with two women he met on Tinder.

The tragic discovery of Alex Araya’s naked body was made by a cleaner on June 7 in his Medellín rental, as reported by the Chilean news outlet La Tercera.

Alex Araya found dead in columbia
The actor’s family discovered his death through news reports and have been attempting to understand what happened since then, his brother Eduardo Araya stated.

The family of Alex Araya learned of his death through the news and has been trying to piece together what happened since then, according to his brother Eduardo. On the night before he was found dead, Alex Araya had met up with two women from Tinder.

Video footage shows Alex Araya and the two women entering the Airbnb around 11:30 p.m. on June 6. Two hours later, the women were seen leaving without Alex Araya and allegedly took his credit cards and phone, which they used for Uber rides, gas, groceries, and jewelry, Eduardo told the media.

Eduardo suspects more people are involved and believes the women are part of a gang targeting tourists. He is convinced that Alex Araya’s death was not an isolated incident, saying in Spanish, “There are others involved; they were part of a group that does this sort of thing.”

actor Alex Araya found dead
According to his brother, the night before he was found dead, Alex had met with two women he had connected with on the dating app Tinder.

The cause of Alex’s death has not yet been determined, but his brother thinks he may have been drugged with scopolamine, a substance known to render individuals unconscious for up to 24 hours or more. In larger doses, it can be fatal. Alex had no visible injuries, and his body was found in a similar condition to other tourists who have been killed in the area.

Tragically, He is the 29th tourist to die in Medellín this year. The US State Department has issued a travel advisory, urging Americans to reconsider traveling to Colombia due to frequent crime, terrorism, civil unrest, and kidnappings. The department also noted an increase in drug-related robberies, with suspects often using dating apps like Tinder to find their victims.

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