All for One being added to My Hero Ultra Rumble, season 4 now live

New season 4 content and All for One

my hero academia season 4

The season 4 trailer for My Hero Ultra Rumble revealed that the villainous All for One is being added to the game, as well as new cosmetics and skills for other heroes. At the time of writing, no concrete release date has been given regarding the villain’s debut, with the trailer saying that the villain will debut in early April.

The trailer also highlights characters receiving new skills. Tomura Shigaraki can now use the “Catastrophe” Quirk Skill Set, which allows him to launch debris at enemies and causes the decay status effect to activate, damaging the target as well the enemy’s nearby teammates, along with a decay shockwave attack where he launches into the air before slamming back down onto the ground. Katsuki Bakugo will also receive new skills in late April, but what those skills are are unknown at this time.

Izuku Midoriya will receive his vigilante outfit in early April, while Mt.Lady and Cementoss can now equip their casual attire. The new hero license (battle pass) also comes with new skins: Twice (handkerchief version of his villain costume), Shota Aizawa (bandaged version of his hero costume), Endeavor (villain-style hero costume), and Dabi (combat version of alpha villain costume).

The trailer also hints that Ochako Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, and Eijiro Kirishima will be receiving school uniform skins in late April.

What is My Hero Ultra Rumble?

my hero ultra rumble

My Hero Ultra Rumble is a My Hero Academia-themed battle royale video game. Matches involve eight teams (24 players) fighting and eliminating one another until one team is left and declared the winning team. Characters are divided into rapid, technical, strike, support, and assault, depending on what their Quirk is.

My Hero Ultra Rumble is free-to-play and debuted in 2023. It is available on all major gaming platforms.

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