See how BTS Jungkook hits Spotify milestone in 259 days

Jungkook from BTS reached 1.5 Billion streams on Spotify for his solo single “Seven” feat. Latto.

bts jungkook

BTS Jungkook, a South Korean singer, writer and dancer, again ruling the headlines for his new milestone. The youngest member in the popular boy band BTS and first K-pop solo act in the history to achieve this milestone in shortest ever time.

The “Golden Maknae” AKA Jungkook earned about three Guinness World Records for the single: hitting 1 billion streams in the shortest time as well as being the most-streamed in a week and amassing 100 million streams in the shortest time for a solo male artist.

“Seven” feat Latto, debuted atop Billboard Hot 100 and maintained strong stance for 15 weeks on the charts. It hit UK’s Official top 100 chart at No. 3 and stayed 14 weeks in total, a record streak for a K-pop solo artist. He achieved this milestone in just 259 days and only bested by Harry Styles’ “As It Was” and Justin Bieber and The Kid Laroi’s collaboration, “Stay.”

1.5 billion streams on spotify for seven

As of current, BTS’ seventh member have around 45 tracks on the music platform Spotify of which 39 tracks are as lead singer.

BTS Jungkook and his relation with number 7

If we dig a bit more, we’ll see why number 7 is so close to BTS jungkook. The number Seven holds special significance for him and the group.

In various interviews, BTS jungkook has mentioned that the number seven holds a special significance in his life and BTS band as a group. For him, Seven represents completeness and perfection in many cultures, and it’s often associated with good luck.

Jungkook is one of the seven members of the boy band BTS and The other members are RM (Kim Namjoon), Jin (Kim Seokjin), Suga (Min Yoongi), J-Hope (Jung Hoseok), Jimin (Park Jimin), and V (Kim Taehyung). This strength of Seven itself represents importance of number seven in band’s life.

In a number of albums or songs, BTS emphasized on the number seven. For instance, Their album “Map of the Soul: 7” was released in 2020, featuring tracks that explore the individual and collective journeys of the members.

BTS Jungkook have close relationship with his fans also known as the ARMY. The group frequently acknowledge the love and support they receive from their fans recognizing the idea of BTS and ARMY are together as one. This makes significance of seven even more meaningful as it symbolizes the unity of the Korean mega band and their fans.

Explicit version of Seven meaning

With the release of explicit version of Seven feat. American rapper Latto, Jungkook made total departure from his usual style. For who don’t know, a minimal demography indeed, Seven is a love song that celebrates the intensity of physical intimacy. The lyrics stresses upon the idea that each day of the week offers an unique opportunity to experience love with someone special.

You lovе when I jump right in
All of me I’m offering
Show you what devotion is
Deeper than the ocean is
Wind it back I’ll take it slow
Leave you with that afterglow
Show you what devotion is
Deeper than the ocean is – verse: Jungkook

The two versions were released, One was BTS Jungkook’s basic version where he accepted to love his girl everyday of the week and second was the explicit version with the American rapper Latto where the semantics shift closer to American hip-hop norms, with the term loving replaced by a more explicit word ‘fu*king’.

The whole song is sexy, but the lyrics of Latto’s rap make it a little more overtly sexual. That’s typical with a guest rap. But were you good with her taking it just a little more direct or extreme than you did? – Variety

Jungkook won “K-pop Artist of the Year”

BTS Jungkook won the award of K-pop Artist of the Year at the iHeart Radio Music Awards 2024. It’s just 4 months into 2024 and Jungkook already won 14 awards which are:

jungkook won kpop artist of the year
  • Seoul Music Awards–Main Prize
  • Golden Disc Awards–Best Album(GOLDEN)
  • Golden Disc Awards–Best Digital Song(SEVEN)
  • Circle Chart Awards–Artist Of The Year : Physical Album(GOLDEN)
  • Circle Chart Awards – Artist Of The Year : Global Streaming (Seven -Explicit Ver.)
  • Circle Chart Awards – Artist Of The Year : Digital (Seven -Clean Ver.)
  • Clio Music Awards – Short List Winner (SEVEN)
  • Pure Chart Awards – International Male Artist Of The Year (JUNGKOOK)
  • Hanteo Music Awards–Artist Of The Year (JUNGKOOK)
  • People’s Choice Awards–Male Artist Of The Year (JUNGKOOK)
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards–Song Of The Year : Download –Asia Division (Seven)
  • Global Awards–Best Fans (JUNGKOOK)
  • iHeart Radio Music Awards –Best Music Video (Seven)
  • iHeart Radio Music Awards – K-Pop Artist Of The Year (JUNGKOOK)

How X reacted to Jungkook


How many awards Jungkook won in 2024 so far?

Jungkook, in total, won 14 awards including most recent one of iHeartRadio Music Awards –Best Music Video (Seven)

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