Kevin Costner jokes as Whoopi walks off the view to break

Kevin Costner appeared on “The View” on Monday morning for promoting his upcoming movie Horizon: An American Saga.

kevin costner on the view

Whoopi walks off the view to break

Veteran American actor Kevin Michael Costner appeared on the show on Monday morning when Whoopi walks off the view to break on the direction of the producer and sponsors.

This quick commercial break signal happened when the father of seven Kevin Costner thoroughly talked about his upcoming film, what is the reason behind doing such a film and what message he wants to send through it. As long as his message finished, Whoopi was signaled by the team to send the show to break.

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Whoopie said, “Oh, OK. I just — yeah, OK” in an awkward voice when Costner cut in and jokingly said, “Take control of this Whoopi, honestly, “Tell those sponsors stand down, we’re talking!”

However, the moment gathered a huge laugh from the table and the audience. Later, the show went into a commercial break and returned with new interview questions for Costner.

Apart from this, Co-host Sunny Hostin asked, “What is your life like as a father to three teenagers?”

To which single parent Kevin Costner jokingly replied, “I think I’m an Uber driver, I kind of love to see them succeed and I loved playing with them since they were little and I’m watching actually talk to me about things.”

He further said, “They have their ups and downs but they’re really good kids and I feel lucky.”

Another Co-host Ana Navarro suggested that “If you get very challenged, you should call Robert De Niro and ask him how.” While Costner said, “I think we all want to call each other and go, How are you really doing this? because this is hard.” He probably referring to his age and work.

Kevin Costner also talked about potential return of the new Yellowstone season on the show.

“I’ve supported that thing and I’ve loved it. It’s been really important to me. I would love to go back under the right circumstances I think that all of us want. For me, it really needs to be the right circumstances.” He said.

11 minute standing ovation for Kevin Costner new movie

One of Co-host on the female panel Alyssa Farah touched the moment when Kevin Costner, who directed, produced and co-wrote the upcoming movie ‘Horizon’, remarkably got 11 minute standing ovation from the crowd. She further asked, “What did that moment mean to you?”

Kevin Costner replied, “It’s a really good and you can see i didn’t do very well with that. It closed on me very quickly.”

“I looked to my left and there were my kids dressed up looking handsome and at certain moment, the sound went away for me, and i went backwards.” He further said, “I just shut out the clapping and At certain moment, i had to get out of myself a little bit and i came back and there was a camera still there, and looked over to kids and just stop it, and that’s how that got handled.”

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Hayes got role in the Horizon

kevin costner and hayes

Hayes, 15-year-old kid of Kevin Costner, starred as Nathaniel Kittredge in the opening of Costner’s upcoming Horizon: An American Saga. The father of seven admitted he “selfishly” gave his son role in the film.

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He talked about his time with Hayes in an interview on Today. Costner said, “He’s a beautiful boy, and he’s quiet, And I have not shoved my children into the business. I realize there are so many young actors out there that would just kill to be in this movie. And I don’t want to take those parts away from them just cause I can place my own children in.”

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