Player Who Dropped Nuke on Phil Spencer in Fallout 76 Says It Wasn’t Personal

Phil Spencer

“The player had been looking for the Microsoft executive Phil Spencer for weeks and finally found the right moment to attack.”

Earlier this week, someone bombed the camp of Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, in Fallout 76. But the person responsible says they didn’t do it because they had a grudge against him. “I’ve been trying to find him for a while to see if he’d want to fight,” said user real1090jake to Kotaku.

Lmao someone nuked Phil Spencer’s camp in Fallout 76

— Sam (@Sam_Snydes) May 9, 2024

Phil Spencer has been criticized lately because of a lot of people losing their jobs, changes in which Xbox games are exclusive, and some important Xbox studios shutting down. But the player who attacked Spencer’s camp in Fallout 76 says it had nothing to do with these issues.

Instead, they just wanted to challenge the Xbox boss after completing the main part of the game and not having anything else to do. “Trying to beat him was just something I wanted to do for myself after finishing the main part of the game,” real1090 Jake said.


— Joe Grizzly Bitch🔪 (@real1090jake) May 9, 2024

The trouble began on Wednesday night when a player posted a picture of Phil Spencer’s camp on Twitter, showing a big red circle around it on the in-game map, which means it had just been nuked.

“Yep, that was me,” real1090jake replied on Twitter, sharing a video of him exploring the destroyed camp and a screenshot of his character next to Spencer’s character, who was wearing Power Armor. Spencer’s username in the game is “P3,” and he’s known to spend a lot of time playing Xbox games.

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