FarmCon 24 drew over 3,500 eager attendees excited to experience the latest Farming Simulator game.

FarmCon 24

Just like we covered Flight Sim Expo 24 a couple of weeks ago, it feels right to cover a similar event for the popular game, Farming Simulator, at FarmCon 24.

It’s amazing how games like this and American Truck Simulator have caught the interest of players who prefer relaxing, repetitive tasks over chopping up orcs. At FarmCon 24, the highly successful farming sim’s dedicated fanbase gathered in Germany at Fendt’s HQ, where many of the famous tractors are built.

This was the largest FarmCon 24 yet, celebrating the upcoming Farming Simulator 25, set to release in November. The event featured presentations on gameplay, maps, and the new game engine by senior developers. Attendees at FarmCon 24 also got to try driving tractors and toured the large production facility.

Giants Software CEO Christian Ammann said, “Our ever-growing community continues to amaze us with their unwavering enthusiasm. This year’s FarmCon 24 truly demonstrated how unique, engaged, and passionate our fans are. We want to thank all of our attendees for making this our biggest event yet, and we look forward to the future with Farming Simulator 25.”

Giants Software, a Swiss studio founded in 2004, has sold over 30 million units of Farming Simulator across consoles, mobile, and PC since 2008. Also highlighted was Farming Simulator’s competitive eSports league, the FSL, which started in 2019.

There’s a lot you might not know about Farming Simulator. It’s available on Xbox Game Pass if you want to try it out for free, and FarmCon 24 was the perfect place to dive into the game’s latest developments.

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