Gears of War: E-Day announced during Xbox Games Showcase, will be a brutal prequel to the main Gears of War games

Gears of War: E-Day will show the origins of Marcus and Dom’s friendship as well as the beginnings of the Locust invasion.

gears of war e day marcus and dom looking over city

Details on Gears of War: E-Day

It looks like those rumors about a Gears of War game being shown during the Xbox Games Showcase were true, kind of. This new game won’t be a sequel to Gears of War 5, but the opposite: a prequel showing players the beginnings of the Locust War.

This prequel is called ‘Gears of War: E-Day,’ which references the day when the Locust Horde attacked the humans living on Sera, the planet on which the Gears games take place. This won’t be a spin-off like Gears Tactics is, but an actual entry in the series that will show players the beginning of the human/Locust war. Creative Director Matt Searsy said E-Day is “the moment where it all comes together,” and it’s the heart of the Gears universe since it’s responsible for everything that happens in the original games. The trailer for E-Day included a reimagined version of ‘Mad World,’ a Tears for Fears song that was heard during a commercial for the very first game.

Marcus, Dom and the Locust

gears of war e day marcus and dom

A Microsoft blog post explains that developer The Coalition will “recast the Locust not simply as foes but as living nightmares.” Creative director Matt Searcy says the Locust will be shown as enigmatic and tough enemies that live underneath and will tap into the deepest fears of players. “Locusts are the ‘monsters under the bed.’ What would happen to the people of Sera in seeing this overwhelming army of monsters and trying to figure out…what are you going to do?” said Searcy.

E-Day will star younger versions of Gears of War protagonists Marcus Fenix and his best bud Dominic Santiago and The Coalition will make sure you know that, since they aren’t experienced in the Locust-killing department yet. The post cites that Marcus had trouble fighting against a Locust Drone in the E-Day reveal trailer and needed a nearby TV to attack it and get the upper hand. The Coalition aims to capture a sense of “raw brutality and desperation,” as the Serans don’t know anything about the Locust and what they’re capable of.

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Studio Art Director Aryan Hanbeck explains that because the Locust Drone had become cannon fodder in the other games, they aimed to redefine it and get that redefinition right. Thus, it became “fearsome, physically intimidating, and utterly brutal.” As for the other Locust troops/species, Hanbeck said they’ll be “scaling up from there.”

As for Marcus and Dom, they won’t have the same brotherly bond they had in the main Gears games. Prior to E-Day, Marcus and Dom fought in the Pendulum Wars, a conflict involving humans fighting over a resource called ‘Imulsion.’ During this war, Marcus’ best friend and Dom’s brother Carlos died. E-Day will let players witness the origins of Marcus and Dom’s friendship as they both deal with losing Carlos. Brand Director Nicole Fawcett said both will be “more vulnerable” and that Carlos’ death creates tension as both of them figure out their relationship with one another.

The engine and the Mark Two Lancer

gears of war e day marcus and drone fighting

As for the gameplay, Unreal Engine 5 will be used to make it work and will allow the next Gears game to be shown with “unprecedented detail and fidelity.” E-Day will include raytraced lighting, reflections and shadows, next generation destruction and gore, cutting-edge animation technology, over 100 times the details present on characters and environments, and more. Studio Technical Director Kate Rayner said The Coalition aims to “set a new standard in technical excellence” and that they’ve “fully modernized Gears from the ground up” by marrying the unique elements of the series with modern gaming technology.

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E-Day also won’t feature the iconic Mark Two Lancer, an assault rifle that has a chainsaw built into it, at least not initially. Fawcette mentioned that E-Day will be “a story of many origins,” including the chainsaw gun, and teased that “it’s not a Gears game if you’re not chainsawing Locusts!” The trailer showed Marcus wielding a Mark One Lancer, which has a detachable blade bayonet, so it’s most likely that Marcus and Dom will be wielding that weapon when the Locust knock on humanity’s door. An interview with Fawcette also revealed that the game will not have an open-world and that the campaign will have linear missions.

The Coalition hasn’t forgotten about the stories of Gears 4 and 5, however. Fawcette said they were proud of these two games, but since the developers were so passionate about creating a game showcasing the origins of the Gears series, they couldn’t pass up the chance to do so. “We’re not retreating from that storyline in any way. But in [this] moment, we had an opportunity to write our next step, and this one just felt too good to miss,” said Fawcette.

Gears of War: E-Day doesn’t have a release date, but it will likely be coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC. Pages for the game are now live on both the Steam store and

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