Get Ready: A New Tokyo Revengers Sequel is Coming!

The popular supernatural action anime Tokyo Revengers Sequel is Coming! This exciting announcement was made at a recent event, accompanied by a trailer that recaps the previous seasons.

tokyo revengers is coming

Tokyo Revengers Sequel was confirmed on the anime’s official X (formerly Twitter) account. It’s still unclear whether this Tokyo Revengers Sequel will be a movie or a fourth TV season. The news was revealed during the Matsudo Touring event, celebrating the anime’s fourth anniversary. You can check out the English-subbed trailer of the Tokyo Revengers Sequel , key visual, and more announcements below.




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Tokyo Revengers Announces New Spin-Off: Fairy Tale Revengers Anime Series

Further announcements revealed a special project for the 5th anniversary of the Tokyo Revengers anime in 2025. The first event, called “Dachi Live,” will feature the cast of Tokyo Revengers, including Yuki Shin (Takemichi), Yu Hayashi (Mikey), Masaya Fukunishi (Ken Ryuguji), and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Takashi Mitsuya). They will perform a new, original song that captures the spirit of the anime.

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Additionally, a new mini-anime series called Fairy Tale Revengers was announced. It will combine Tokyo Revengers with Japanese fairy tales, starting with an adaptation of the classic Momotaro story.

Tokyo Revengers Now Holds the Record as the Best-Selling Manga Series Ever

Since its start in 2017, Tokyo Revengers has become one of the top-selling manga series ever, surpassing 70 million copies sold. The franchise’s new game, Tokyo Revengers: Last Mission, will finally come out this month after a delay from February. Fans can also explore Ken Wakui’s latest manga in Weekly Shonen Jump.

Tokyo Revengers is available to watch on Disney Plus and Hulu. The series follows Takemichi Hanagaki, who, already feeling down on his luck, discovers that his middle school girlfriend was killed by a criminal gang. The day after hearing this news, he finds himself pushed in front of a train. Instead of dying, he wakes up twelve years in the past, back in middle school. Now, Takemichi has a chance to change history by making different decisions to save his girlfriend’s life.

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