Go! Go! Loser Ranger episode 2 review: infiltrations and alliances

Our Loser Ranger Episode 2 review looks at Fighter D’s infiltration and the unexpected partner who wants to join him on this mission.

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The Loser Ranger Episode 2 review

Following up from the first episode of Loser Ranger, the second episode is still light on the action, but it does give us some more information on the Dragon Keepers, a personal development for Fighter D, and an interesting alliance that someone forges with him.

After Fighter D leaves the Floating Fortress, he begins his infiltration of the Dragon Keepers and their organization. He soon runs into Sakurama and Suzukiri, the two recruiters from the previous episode. After they treat the now undercover monster to some lunch, D gets the bright idea to mimic Sakurama’s appearance to sneak into the Red Keeper’s base and assassinate him. However, that doesn’t pan out and soon, someone sees through his disguise, yet curiously offers to ally themselves with him.

Meanwhile, the Keepers have taken notice of D’s disobedience and are now taking measures against the remaining Fighters, mainly stationing a sub-garrison there to keep them in line. Inspired by his actions and ashamed of what he’s become, Fighter F decides to venture forth and eliminate the Red Keeper as well, only for that plan to go very south as well (not like there was an actual plan to begin with).

This episode gives a tad more information regarding the Keeper organization, like the fact that the Yellow Division is dedicated to research and development, while the Red Division excels in destroying monsters. Another tidbit of info is the Red Keeper recruits mentioning they wish to be the next Red Keeper. It brings up a few questions, namely what it takes to become the new Keeper, and if the Keepers that appear on screen aren’t the same people who were initially chosen to fight the forces of the Flying Fortress all those years ago. My interest is piqued and I want these queries answered.

Partnerships and repercussions

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The highlight of this episode is the part where D makes himself look like Sakurama and attempts to appear inconspicuous as he’s infiltrating the Red Keeper’s base. Despite all his talk of keeping cool and thinking he’s a competent monster, his actions and demeanor show that he’s way out of his depth, with his cover almost being blown were it not for Suzukiri pulling him out of the fire at the right moment. The moments where his skin cracks because of how feeble his body is help to keep things a little tense.

Another highlight is the unexpected proposal made by a character to Fighter D: work with them to take down the Dragon Keepers together. Up until this point, I’d assumed all humans, especially Keeper recruits, were anti-alien invaders, so given the proposal this character makes to D, it’s quite the shock and raises more questions.

I also got a chuckle out of seeing D attempt to fight this individual, only for them to repeatedly lop his head off until he requests that they talk things out. I also like D’s reaction to how Fighter F fails, since up until this point, our main character hasn’t had anything to truly drive him and push him to achieve his objective. After this episode, I’m eager to see how he reacts to F’s fate and how it changes him.

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We also get a better look at the personalities of both the Red and Blue Keepers when they meet the remaining Fighters. Contrary to their colors, Blue appears to be the more serious and brutal one (because guys with scars are always brutal and serious), while Red is the more level-headed one. However, both still exude that cruel aura from them, and Red in particular seems to have this crazed conviction that what they’re doing is morally righteous. It raises more questions and these are about how mentally stable the guy is.

Feelings of unsettlement and finishing moves

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Just like in the previous episode, the colors here pop off of the screen and both the animation and CGI look the best when the Red Keeper suits up, with flames surrounding him as his uniform materializes from thin air. It’s also obvious that a lot of effort was put into the devastating finishing move he unleashes: summoning glowing dragons from the ground and having them dive-bomb the poor soul that’s invoked his wrath.

This sequence is animated incredibly well and it’s a pure visual treat. Speaking of which, the intro sequence for this episode is a stone mural depicting the Fighters before sections of it split and rotate and show us the Red Keeper, raising his sword aloft. It’s short, but pretty sweet. Suzukiri and Sakurama still have that slightly creepy edge to them from the first episode, which is especially apparent whenever the latter gets hyped up by talking about anything related to the Keepers/their organization, while the former’s creepiness never leaves her because of her eyes.

It’s much more obvious with Tokita, a new character and Keeper member who seems a smidge more sinister than the other two, given the grin he has on his face, and the way he questions D in a low, menacing voice while roughly grabbing him as if he was toying with the undercover monster, daring him not to crack under the pressure of the situation he’s currently in. He’s memorable in his first appearance here.

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That creepiness is shared with the Red Keeper when we see his face just before he transforms and despite being masked, the Blue Keeper immediately comes across as this unfeeling, hollow person who demands complete subservience. I’m guessing it’s because of his design, actions, and voice acting. It makes me think that the Dragon Keepers have indoctrinated both themselves and their subordinates to believe they are just. None of it is too in-your-face and is a constant reminder that something isn’t right with “the good guys.” I like these small details.

There’s also that short and sinister melody that plays at the end that further reinforces that fact that things aren’t what they seem here. The rest of music also helps increase the tension whenever D is at risk of being discovered and it works well, given the strategy he’s using.

One part that I dislike is the timing of D’s transformation into Sakumura. He asks a small child to let him look at a photo of Sakumura and the people surrounding him, before transforming right then and there, with the child right next to him. The kid (understandably) runs off screaming before D begins pretending that he’s Sakumura. It feels like an incredibly stupid thing for him to do since he’s in a public area in broad daylight with civilians nearby. “Moronic” doesn’t even begin to describe his decision in this scene.

Besides that blemish, Loser Ranger episode 2 is great. It was intriguing learning more about the Keepers and the alliance between D and the other human was a good surprise. I’m also ready to see how Fighter D will change after this episode in reaction to F’s fate.

Final score: 8/10

Go! Go! Loser Ranger! can now be streamed through Disney Plus and Hulu.

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