Go! Go! Loser Ranger episode 9 review: blue brutality and three different flashbacks

The Blue Keeper has way too much fun torturing an alien and the fights between the cadets don’t have satisfying endings. Read more in our Loser Ranger episode 9 review.

loser ranger blue keeper

The Loser Ranger episode 9 review

loser ranger yukino with dragon gadget

As the battles between the cadets continue to rage, Aizome is met by Draggie, the small dragon companion of the Dragon Keepers, who she tells to summon her partner. XX, who disguised herself as Ranmaru last episode, manages to snag the blue key from Urabe and attacks Yukino. Yamato gets in the way and tells “Ranmaru” not to attack her before giving “him” the yellow key. 

Meanwhile, Akebayashi attempts to run the clock out on Shippou, whose Dragon Gadget is currently in burst mode, by pretending to surrender. However, once burst mode ends, Shippou isn’t affected by her Gadget’s laser blasts, and in response, he legitimately surrenders and coughs up her key.

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Over with Soujirou and Usukubo, the latter pretends that her burst mode’s time is up and gets into a car, only to find the former in the back pointing a gun at her. Soujioru tells her the rest of his comrades have retired and are enjoying spending time with their families while he’s sacrificing himself to protect them and everyone else from the aliens. Usukubo retorts that he’s not special and is only pretending to fight, whereas everyone else is doing the opposite and that if he had already sacrificed himself, things would have ended already.

loser ranger d and tired xx

She activates burst mode, causing the car to explode and while she can’t move, Usukubo’s ploy gave her enough time for Shippou to arrive on the scene. He tells her to leave Soujirou to him as it cuts to Shion and D’s fight. Just like before, XX steps in and pins Shion to the floor, demanding his key as D seethes in the background, since he wanted to be the one to defeat Shion.

Above ground, the Blue Keeper finally makes his entrance and after Aizome gives her weapon cartridge to him, uses his Divine Artifact to enter the White Dragon’s Nest. The attack he uses to enter the Nest results in XX’s cover being blown and the Blue Keeper attacking her. He soon tosses her into the back of a truck and begins to torture her before D uses burst mode to attack and flip the truck over. D then attempts to kill the Keeper, buying XX enough time to escape the truck. Aizome’s cartridge generates a barrier, preventing D from landing any fatal attacks, and Blue decides to kill “Sakurama” for breaking Ranger rules.

The alien is saved by “Ranmaru” and after one of the Keeper’s projectiles explodes in their faces, XX is unable to regenerate her arms. D begins to dodge the Keeper’s projectiles before XX rams a car into the Blue Keeper, but the Keeper emerges from the flames unscathed. With XX at her limit and with no other options left, she resolves to lead their enemy to Lord Peltrola and astonishing D, who believed that no boss monsters were alive.

Ending things way too early

loser ranger d with burst mode

When it comes to the fights between cadets, some of them feel rushed so that the Blue Keeper can get some screen time. For starters, we never get to see XX defeat Urabe, since their scene starts and ends with the latter seeing his “friend” regenerate a part of “his” head (probably from an attack Urabe dealt), before “Ranmaru” pops up to assist Yamato against Yukino.

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Speaking of those two, their fight ends in a rather unsatisfying manner, with Yamato yapping about how he wants to become a Dragon Keeper to attract women, which understandably digusts Yukino, and replies that her determination is stronger than his. After he blocks her attack, Yamato blocks “Ranmaru” from dealing a strike to Yukino, who says that it’s pointless to hurt Yukino since she’s a cute girl and Yamato wants every woman on Earth.

The same sort of conclusion happens between D and Shion. D deflects a few cars headed his way, gets into a burst mode blade clash against Shion which somehow results in an explosion, and regenerates from behind his opponent. After an internal monologue of how he can’t let Shion win, XX shows up to pin down Shion and say “he” wants the red key.

loser ranger shippou

When considering these three fights, they end way too quickly and there isn’t any tension regarding what will happen or who will win. The remaining two fights are a bit more interesting and a little funny when talking about Shippou’s “fight.”

With Shippou, he’s showing off his muscles to Akebayashi, who’s pretending to be enamored by his physique. Once his burst mode ends and she starts blasting him, he replies that muscles won’t betray anyone and his fist stops mere inches before his face when she coughs up her key and Shippou starts laughing. Like in the previous episode, Shippou is the one carrying the scene he’s involved in thanks to his exuberant personality.

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With Usukubo and Soujirou, she displays both intelligence and guts. Pretending that her burst mode has ended to lower her enemy’s guard was a good idea and the willingness to use it in an enclosed space where she could get seriously injured was also very gutsy. Like with every other fight between cadets, it’s short, but it made me like Usukubo a little more than I did before watching this episode.

Flashbacks galore and torturing aliens

loser ranger blue keeper smiling

Things get especially interesting, as well as dark, once the Blue Keeper arrives on the scene. After cornering XX, he starts to torture her by impaling her with multiple metal rods as she screams in pain. It’s a harrowing scene and the female Fighter’s screams and crying while the Blue Keeper enjoys what he’s doing to her really shows just how horrific and painful this moment is. The red and blue lighting that’s on display perfectly reflects what’s happening here. It’s what the series has been missing ever since the Red Keeper killed his junior first-rank back in episode four.

He also displays just how formidable he is when he isn’t torturing aliens, but this “fight” is also rather short. The Blue Keeper’s projectile attack, which are small bubbles containing various aquatic wildlife, does look a little goofy, but they are quite strong and devastating against the Fighters. He also unleashes the same water/laser attack Aizome did in the last episode, but that’s about it from him.

There are also three flashbacks in this episode. First up is Yukino’s, which is meant to give us a better understanding of her and her motives. She explains that she’s always been alone, that she wasn’t tough enough to survive by herself, and that she wants to become someone who’s admired by all. That’s it. It’s way too short and doesn’t give us much to make her endearing or unique from the other cadets.

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There’s also XX’s flashback when she’s being tortured. It shows XX meeting Peltrola, who calls her his “beloved child” and gives her her name after she held hope that Peltrola was still alive. It’s short, but it does give XX the strength to keep going just when D interrupts the torture session and explains why she’s obeying the holy boss monster. It’s ultimately just okay.

loser ranger xx shocked

Finally, there’s Aizome and her flashback regarding the time she’s spent with the Blue Keeper. The majority of it involves her advising her Keeper on what he should and shouldn’t do, with him blowing her off and even calling her trash and telling her to die in their first meeting. There’s also a moment where the Blue Keeper wants to slaughter a few guys and Aizome yells at him that they won’t do that, only for her to see a roughed-up cat and focus on it, for some reason. She later tells her Keeper that he can’t talk in front of others, again for some reason.

In the present, she mutters that she doesn’t want her Keeper to be misunderstood, which is just plain weird. The guy enjoys violence, shirking his duties, treats Aizome poorly, tortures people, and probably beats up animals. I have no clue as to what Aizome means by “misunderstood,” because this episode paints a pretty clear picture of who this Keeper is and how unlikeable he can be. I have no idea how Aizome likes someone as cruel as him.

With short fights and and three flashbacks that don’t impact in the intended way, Loser Ranger episode 9 is held up by the torture that XX is subjected to and that happens halfway through the episode. I am eager to see the meeting between the Blue Keeper and Pletrola, but I hope next week’s episode doesn’t have brawls that only last for a few seconds.

Final score: 5/10

Go! Go! Loser Ranger! can now be streamed through Disney Plus and Hulu.

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