New Helldivers 2 cape designs have children’s drawings on them and players want to wear them

With the new major order issued for players, some have made Helldivers 2 cape designs with kid’s drawings on them because they want to save civilians.

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The childish Helldivers 2 cape designs

If you’re wondering why Helldivers 2 players want capes with children’s drawings scribbled on them, it’s got to do with the latest order issued by the Super Earth Ministry of Intelligence (AKA Arrowhead Studios, the game’s developer).

This new order gives helldivers a difficult choice to make. Currently, thousands of civilians are trapped inside the remains of ‘Super Citizen Anne’s Hospital for Very Sick Children’ on the planet Vernen Wells. However, on the planet Marfark, it’s been identified that a “large explosives repository” belonging to the Automaton faction likely contains ingredients required to deploy MD-17 anti-tank mines. This order states that only one of these two planets can be liberated and players must choose between the mine ingredients and saving kids.

A large portion of players have decided to go to Vernen Wells because they want to save those very sick kids, with many in the Helldivers 2 Discord server encouraging their fellow players to do so. As such, some have begun requesting capes with children’s drawings on them, with Reddit posts on r/Helldivers showing these capes and demanding Arrowhead Studios include them in the game. One of these posts even mentions swapping out a traditional cape with a children’s blanket for helldivers to wear into battle. These posts have gotten popular with each having over 1,000 upvotes, with one having over 12,000 upvotes, so it’s clear players want a new cosmetic item that reflects their actions on Vernen Wells.

The Steam review cape

new helldivers 2 cape designs

This isn’t the only time divers have demanded Arrowhead Studios to make them a cape. Back when Sony tried to make linking Steam accounts with PlayStation Network accounts mandatory for PC players to play the game, the game’s community made their displeasure known by review-bombing Helldivers 2 on Steam. Sony soon got the message and announced that this requirement wouldn’t be added to the game.

Soon after, helldivers started making cape designs based on the Steam review statistics of the game, with the red lines on these designs representing the poor reviews the game got. Last month, Arrowhead Chief Creative Officer John Pilestedt made an X (formerly Twitter) post that included a picture of a cape with two red lines on it. As of writing, there isn’t any cape like this in the game, but Pilestedt replied to a comment by saying that the developers were talking of a name for this cape design, so don’t be surprised if you see this sometime in the future.

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