Jewel dodge questions About Rumored Kevin Costner romance

Jewel said I’m good …..I’m happy and it  has nothing to do with a man in her life

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Jewel played it coy

The 49-year old singer has gone through many things throughout her life from an abusive childhood and a painful divorce to motherhood that helped her stay grounded. In an interview with People, Foolish Games singer, among other important topics, talked about her rumored romance with Yellowstone star Kevin Costner.

The outlet teased Jewel addressing that she “finally found true love” but the singer is talking about self love. But when asked about rumored boyfriend Kevin Costner, Jewel played it coy. According to People, The singer clearly struck down every notion that a man has anything to do with her current happy life.

she said, “I found love and I’m not talking about Kevin’s. I’m so happy, irrelevant of a man. It has nothing to do with being in a relationship or not being in one.” The outlet observed that Jewel declined to answer the questions about Horizon: An American Saga star Kevin Costner but she did add, “I’m just happy … I’m good.”

Not the first time though

However, It is not the first time Jewel played it coy when asked about her romantic life with Costner. She seemingly did that in April as well during an interview with ELLE. In the interview, she discussed about her life, music, fan speculations, rumored relationship with the Waterworld actor. “He’s a great person,” she told the outlet of the Field of Dreams star, adding, “The public fascination is intense for sure.”

Jewel split from her long time partner rodeo champion ex in 2014, whereas Kevin Costner divorced from Christine Baumgartner in September after 18 years of marriage.

jewel and kevin costner

Jewel finally opened about her rumored relationship only four months after ET reported that the singer and Costner, 69, were hanging out together on Necker Island for a tennis fundraiser. This was lit up by the photos released by TMZ in December where they looking incredibly cozy together as the singer sat on his knee with a microphone in her hand. Not only this, In one photo, Costner also had his hands tightly wrapped around Jewel’s waist. 

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