Christian McCaffrey reacted to an influencer post targeting wife Olivia Culpo’s wedding gown choice

Kennedy Bingham, Gown eyed girl, posted a reel criticizing Olivia Culpo’s wedding gown choice to which 49ers’ Christian McCaffrey fiercely replied.

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Views on Olivia Culpo’s wedding gown

What you wear on your wedding is your private concern usually but in a social media intensive world controversies erupt on how you style yourself and what you wear on your wedding or otherwise. Driving inspiration from fashion and dressing style, Kennedy Bingham, a fashion influencer having nearly 100K followers on Instagram and over a million on TikTok, commented over a dress wore by recently married former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

Kennedy Bingham, who uses the moniker Gown Eyed Girl, said in a video upload on Instagram targeting Olivia Culpo’s wedding gown, “I’ve been a bridal creator for four years now, and I have never said this before, but I do not like this wedding dress.”

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Christian McCaffrey, the NFL’s offensive player of the year, slammed the fashion influencer for sharing an “evil post” with respect to Olivia Culpo’s wedding gown. As fashion influencer Kennedy described Culpo’s Dolce & Gabbana long-sleeved ballgown as “modest.”

Following this, McCaffrey commented, “What an evil thing to post online. I hope you can find joy and peace in the world, the way my beautiful wife does.”

christian mccaffrey comment on bingham post

Bingham clarified that she did not have any problem with the “simple, elegant” dress but she believed the Olivia Culpo’s wedding gown had “no personality.” She captioned the video, available on her Instagram and TikTok, as “From Miss Universe to Miss Pick Me, Olivia Culpo is earning her crown.”

Kennedy Bingham also replied to McCaffrey’s comment on her post. She said, “So what’s evil is pointing out the potential internalized misogyny behind her reasoning, your (imo) patriarchal comment, and the racist/ homophobic/fatphobic history of the designers she worked with?”

kennedy bingham reply to mccaffrey comment

Olivia Culpo told, in an interview to Vogue in June, she hoped to be married in a dress “that felt as serious as that commitment.”

“What you wear on your wedding day has almost nothing to do with whether or not you’re going to have a long and happy marriage,” Bingham argued, adding she was “pushing this idea of what all brides should look like.”

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“I also think it’s weird how much she’s talking about coverage, especially as someone who in her day-to-day life is not a modest dresser … I just think the usage of the word ‘covered’ is so icky, because you are not covered in day-to-day life. And, also, why is he thinking you’re the most beautiful when you’re covered? That’s such an odd thing,” she continued.

Another fashion influencer Jessica Weslie Arena reacted to Culpo’s interview with Vogue where she alleged “she wore her hair down in a simple middle part and skipped mascara, lip liner, and eyebrow makeup.”

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A “pick-me” is a term which describe a woman seeking male validation that she’s not like other girls. for instance, did not talk about fashion dresses.

Arena’s TikTok video has amassed over 500,000 views as she said, “For Vogue to even point these things out just gave me such weird vibes,” “Because obviously Olivia Culpo did something in order to not wear mascara, in order to not wear a lip liner, in order to not wear a pencil on her eyebrows. Be so for real, Vogue. Stop being a pick-me.”

Olivia Culpo commented on her video, “It was an interview….. they asked me what my makeup was………………………..”

olivia culpo comment replying to tiktok video

Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo and San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey wed on Saturday, June 29 in Watch Hill Chapel, Rhode Island. The wedding was attended by Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece and Denmark, Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor, and several NFL players

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Who is Olivia Culpo?

Olivia Culpo is an American actress, model and beauty queen who won Miss USA in 2012 and later Miss Universe in the same year. She belongs to Rhode Island, USA.

Who has Olivia Culpo dated?

Olivia Culpo being in fashion and entertainment industry dated Nick Jonas, Tim Tebow, Danny Amendola and Christian McCaffrey. She recently married to Christian McCaffrey in Rhode Island.

What is Christian McCaffrey injury history?

Christian McCaffrey, a NFL running back, met with an Ankle injury in 2020, Shoulder injury in 2020, Hamstring injury in 2021 and Chest Rib Sprain in 2023 which forced McCaffrey to leave a game against Cleveland Browns.

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