New Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 suits arriving with update, includes 4 original designs from KidSuper and 4 returning costume variants for both Spiders

The new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 suits were created by an F1 racer, a footballer, and a singer/actress/model, all of whom worked with fashion designer KidSuper.

spider man 2 animated suit

The new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 suits

spiderman 2 ginga suit

Just like with their first Spider-Man game, Insomniac is tossing players eight new costumes they can dress Peter and Miles in. Both are getting two suits they got to wear in Insomniac’s previous games, as well as two all-new, all-different suits made by fashion designer KidSuper and three guest collaborators.

Miles Morales will be receiving the Metro and Ginga suits. The Metro outfit was designed exclusively by KidSuper, who mentioned that the puffer design seen in his work is also included in this design. “We came up with designs that felt super original, like something only we could pull off,” he said in a PlayStation blog post.

As for the Ginga duds, the fashion designer worked with football player Vini Jr. on this one. The Ginga suit is meant to be a tribute to both football and Vini Jr.’s home country of Brazil and will give Miles a sporty look. The footballer commented that he loves the suit’s design because it has “Brazilian flair” mixed with the action and energy he thinks of when Spidey comes to mind.

spider man 2 fluro outfit

For the original web-slinger, Peter Parker will be swinging about town in outfits that both have a connection to vehicles. KidSuper collaborated with F1 driver Lando Norris and singer, model, and actress Rina Sawayama to design the Fluro and Motorchic suits, respectively.

The Fluro suit resembles racewear F1 drivers don when racing in their cars, especially the mask which looks like an F1 helmet. Norris said that speed was the inspiration for this outfit and wished to include racing materials like carbon as well as yellow and black, his trademark colors. With the Motorchic suit, Peter adopts a motorcyclist look, complete with a leather jacket. Sawayama mentioned she wanted to explore her love for fashion while she was making this suit and that the end result comes across as “fun, practical, edgy and chic,” as well as making Peter look more rugged.

The old suits coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

spider man 2 last stand suit

The two suits being fished out of Miles’ wardrobe are the Animated suit and the Uptown Pride suit. This suit is from the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series that aired on Disney XD and is meant to mimic Miles’ appearance in that show. Uptown Pride, on the other hand, is like Miles’ regular suit, except the areas colored red are replaced with gold. Players obtained this suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales after completing every side mission available through the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app. It represents the city accepting Miles and thanking him for his vigilante work.

The two old suits Peter is getting are the Last Stand suit and the Into the Spider-Verse suit. The former was worn by a future version of Peter who had become an anti-hero and was willing to kill his villains. The latter resembles Peter B. Parker’s suit from the Spider-Verse animated movies, where B. Parker acted as a mentor to another version of Miles after the Peter of this Miles’ dimension died in a fight with the Kingpin.

Like with the other skins in the game, these suits will be getting suit styles that alter their colors and will be swinging into the game with the next update. This update will let players swap out their parry and traversal abilities (e.g.: switching from the Spider Arms to the Symbiote abilities and vice-versa) when it arrives on June 18.

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