Resident Evil 9 Announcement: Everything We Know So Far

Resident Evil 9 announcement

Resident Evil 9 is on the way! Capcom, the game’s creator, has officially confirmed it’s being developed. Koshi Nakanishi, who directed Resident Evil 7, shared this news at the Capcom NEXT Summer 2024 event. He didn’t give many details, but just announcing a new Resident Evil game is enough to get fans excited.

Resident Evil 9 Confirmed to Be in Development

Nakanishi played a crucial role in the YouTube announcement of upcoming games from Capcom, which was featured during the NEXT Summer 2024 event.

Fans of the Resident Evil series will be excited to learn that Nakanishi is leading the development of the new, terrifying installment, Resident Evil 9. He announced, “We are making a new Resident Evil.

It was really difficult to figure out after Resident Evil 7.” The change in tone and perspective in Resident Evil 7 has been a significant success for Capcom, maintaining high sales alongside Resident Evil Village even years after their release. These influential horror games shifted from the traditional over-the-shoulder view to a more personal one, enhancing the scare factor, a trend that will continue with Resident Evil 9.

The director of Resident Evil 7 openly discussed the development process before moving to a first-person shooter (FPS) view. He admitted, “The classic Resident Evil was, to be honest, off track as a brand. The action element had expanded too much, and fans reacted more negatively than we expected. In the end, a Resident Evil game has to be scary.” He spoke about how fan feedback shaped the transition to the now-standard FPS view, a decision that will influence Resident Evil 9: “Fans generally agreed that a Resident Evil game should be terrifying. I’ve played Resident Evil from the beginning, and those early games were really scary. I was excited to make Resident Evil 7 live up to the series’ reputation.”

“To create a fear-focused Resident Evil, we had to rethink many elements from scratch, including the setting, characters, and game system. Anything that didn’t create fear had to be changed; sometimes, we had to throw out entire ideas.”

He explained how distance and perspective could introduce a new level of fear, which is a critical aspect of Resident Evil 9. He said, “Seeing the world from a safe distance behind a character isn’t as immersive and frightening. It’s not up close and personal, which is what we aimed to achieve.”

Nakanishi couldn’t reveal the specifics of the new horror game, Resident Evil 9, but stood firm in his final message to Resident Evil fans.

He concluded, “But I’ve found the direction for Resident Evil 9, and honestly, it feels solid. I can’t share any details yet, but I hope you’re excited for when I can.”

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