Star Wars Outlaws won’t have Ubisoft tower/map unlock mechanic, map will be revealed through exploration

Rather than conforming to the typical Ubisoft method of exploration, Star Wars Outlaws will require players to simply explore areas to uncover more of the map.

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How Star Wars Outlaws will deal with map exploration

Over on X (formerly Twitter), Brian Shea (Game Informer’s online content director) made a post, writing that he’d asked Star Wars Outlaws creative director Julian Gerighty whether the game would include towers players would need to climb to unlock and see more areas of the map. Gerighty confirmed that this would not be the case for the latest game set in a galaxy far, far away.

Both Shea and Gerighty clarified that instead of towers, players will need to unlock more of the map by simply exploring any areas they haven’t been to. This is indicated by areas of the map being covered in fog, which will disappear when the player moves through the area, similar to Ghost of Tsushima.

What are tower/map unlock mechanics?

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In many open-world games, areas of the map will not display whatever content (side quests, minigames, etc.) that lies within. To see what lurks in those areas, players usually need to go to a tower, climb to the top of it and, in some cases, disable a jamming device that prevents a portion of the game’s map from being seen. There are usually multiple towers scattered across a game’s world, each covering a portion of the map until the players go to these towers and interact with them.

Ubisoft is the most guilty of implementing this tactic into their games. It started with the first Assassin’s Creed game before it crept into other games like Far Cry and Watch Dogs. This mechanic has also popped up in other games like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and Horizon Zero Dawn have them as well. A lot of gamers dislike this mechanic because it’s copying and pasting the same tower to different areas of the game world and it’s prevalent in many games that Ubisoft creates.

In other news, it was announced that Star Wars Outlaws will be released on August 30 and three editions of the game are now available for pre-ordering. Outlaws is coming from Ubisoft developer Massive Entertainment and will involve players pulling off a daring heist with their crew, while also dealing with main character Kay Vess being involved in a much bigger and unknown scheme.

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