Nearly Injures Himself: SEVENTEEN’s The8 Narrowly Avoids Serious Harm in Stage Mishap


Netizens express concern following an incident with SEVENTEEN’s The8 and stage effects during the group’s recent performance.


During March 30th and 31st, SEVENTEEN held performances in Incheon as part of their Follow Again tour. True to form, every member captivated the stage, with The8 particularly standing out as fans enthusiastically shared videos of his performances from both shows.

However, during the performance team’s rendition of the “Highlight” stage, observant netizens became concerned when they noticed a particular moment where the subunit members gathered at the center of the stage.

During one of The8’s jumps in “Highlight,” the pyrotechnics were activated. After the flames subsided, observers noticed The8 wiping his eye, suggesting he may have been grazed by a spark or debris from the stage.

The fans who posted the video were surprised by what they had seen.

At that moment, my heart was racing… While they were dancing near the fireworks, they suddenly exploded. I believe some of it splashed near his eyes. I was incredibly startled.

After clips and photos were shared, netizens voiced their worries, urging Pledis Entertainment to prioritize the safety of their artists during performances. Considering the rehearsals, many questioned how the company was unaware that The8 would be in close proximity to intense pyrotechnics.

Although pyrotechnics and stage effects can enhance visual appeal, they also pose significant risks. While The8 appeared to escape serious injury, the situation could have been far more dire.

(FAQ) regarding SEVENTEEN’s recent performance incident with The8 and stage effects:

  1. What happened during SEVENTEEN’s recent performance in Incheon? During SEVENTEEN’s performance on March 30th and 31st as part of their Follow Again tour in Incheon, a concerning incident involving member The8 occurred. While performing the “Highlight” stage with the performance team, The8 was seemingly grazed by pyrotechnics during one of his jumps, leading to visible discomfort and concern among fans.
  2. What was the response from netizens and fans? Netizens and fans expressed worry and concern after observing The8’s reaction to the pyrotechnic incident. Many shared videos and photos of the moment, urging Pledis Entertainment, SEVENTEEN’s management company, to prioritize the safety of their artists during performances.
  3. Was The8 injured during the incident? While The8 was seen wiping his eye after the pyrotechnic activation, it appears that he escaped serious injury. However, the incident raised significant concerns about the safety protocols and awareness surrounding stage effects during performances.
  4. Did Pledis Entertainment address the incident? As of now, there has been no official statement from Pledis Entertainment regarding the incident. However, given the public attention and fan outcry, it’s likely that the company will need to address the situation and potentially implement additional safety measures for future performances.
  5. Are stage effects common in K-pop performances? Yes, stage effects such as pyrotechnics, lighting, and special effects are commonly used in K-pop performances to enhance visual appeal and create memorable moments for audiences. However, incidents like the one involving The8 highlight the importance of ensuring the safety of performers when using such effects.
  6. What precautions are typically taken to ensure performer safety during performances with stage effects? Normally, rigorous safety protocols are put in place during rehearsals and performances involving stage effects. This includes careful coordination between performers, stage crew, and technical staff to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. It’s unclear why The8 was in close proximity to intense pyrotechnics without adequate protection or awareness from the management.
  7. Will there be any changes to SEVENTEEN’s future performances in light of this incident? While it’s uncertain whether there will be immediate changes to SEVENTEEN’s future performances, it’s likely that Pledis Entertainment will conduct a review of their safety procedures and may implement additional measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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