IKON is a K-pop boyband formed and owned by YG Entertainment. It is known for its hard-hitting beats, catchy hooks and emotive lyrics.


BlackPink is girl K-pop band owned and formed by YG Entertainment. It got quick fame and known for its energetic beats and impressive choreography.


Global phenomenon BTS or Bangstan Boys is owned by HYBE Entertainment. The music by BTS often touch upon the themes of Self love, mental health etc.


TWICE is K-pop girl group formed and owned by JYP Entertainment. They are widely known for their color pop concept, upbeat and energetic melodies.


Seventeen is K-pop boy band formed and owned by Pledis Entertainment in 2015. Their music explores themes of youth, self discovery and personal growth.


Monsta X is a K-pop group formed by Starship Entertainment through the Survival show "No Mercy" in 2015. Their genres include EDM, Hip-Hop and Pop.

Monsta X

Momoland is a K-pop girl band formed and owned by MLD Entertainment. They have amassed a wide fanbase with their catchy tunes and bubbly persona.


EXO is a South Korean and Chinese boy band formed and owned by SM Entertainment. The group like to blend genres like pop, R&B, hip hop, and electronic dance music.


Red Velvet is a South Korean girl band formed and owned by SM Entertainment. Their dual concept divides group into two sides where Red side shows their bright, energetic music while Velvet side shows their smooth, sultry and mature sound.

Red Velvet

NCT or Neo Culture Technology is a K-pop boy band formed and owned by SM Entertainment. Their music style includes various genres pop, hip hop, R&B, and EDM. 

NCT 127