Where to Find the Oil Rig in Palworld’s Newest Update

palworld new update

The first big content update for Palworld has arrived, featuring a challenging new stronghold known as the Oil Rig in Palworld. Though an oil rig might seem like a strange addition, and not just a repurposed Unreal Engine asset, the real challenge lies in locating the Oil Rig in Palworld.

Here’s what we know: oil rigs are offshore, so it’s not on land, and you won’t be able to see the Oil Rig in Palworld from the shore as it’s surrounded by thick fog. Let’s guide you there without much trouble.

How to locate Oil Rig in Palworld

To locate the Oil Rig in Palworld, you won’t have the luxury of a fast travel point directly to it, so we’ll have to use the closest one available. Since the Oil Rig in Palworld is situated offshore, you’ll need a flying or swimming mount to reach it, as it’s impossible to get there without one.

Start by fast traveling to the Marsh Island waypoint. Although the Oil Rig is significantly further east from this point, it’s the closest waypoint you can use. The coordinates for the Oil Rig on the map are 608, -435. Head in that direction, but remember that you won’t be able to see the Oil Rig until you are nearby due to the dense fog surrounding it.

Tip: If you approach with a flying mount, you’ll encounter the rig’s defenses before you even get close. A swimming mount is preferable if you have one. Ensure you are at least Level 50 before attempting to tackle this stronghold.


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