About Us

Newzertainment is an online news and entertainment platform that provides timely updates on each and every event, trend and news without any delay. Not only this, we keep you informed about celebrities’ lives, including their controversies, successes, and other related stuff. Beyond that, we tailor our recommendations to your preferences, suggesting movies, podcasts, interviews and web series every week based on your genre and taste. If you ever find yourself unsure about what to watch, simply reach out to Newzertainment. We are committed to entertainment and strive to keep you happy with our daily efforts.

Defining Entertainment and Role of Newzertainment

Entertainment plays a crucial role in our lives, offering a respite from the daily race where we experience both victories and disappointments. In both cases, fatigue and stress inevitably set in. To alleviate fatigue and transform stress into joy, ensuring we wake up energized for the next day, entertainment plays a significant role.

Entertainment encompasses various activities such as watching movies and web series, indulging in video games, participating in outdoor games, reading books, engaging in family discussions, or staying updated on celebrities’ lives and controversies. While Newzertainment may not cover all aspects of entertainment, we are dedicated to providing you with news related to Hollywood, anime, and celebrity lives.

Before diving into a movie, the nagging doubt about whether it’s worth watching often arises. We value your precious time and strive not to waste it. Newzertainment promptly delivers honest reviews of new releases, offering a swift solution to this dilemma so that neither your time nor money is squandered.

Sometimes, the desire to watch a particular type of movie or web series is clear, but the exact choice remains elusive. Newzertainment addresses this issue by recommending movies and web series based on genres, ensuring you receive tailored suggestions. Whether a movie is overrated or an underrated hidden gem, our recommendations cover a spectrum of reviews.

Staying up to date with celebrities’ lives serves not only as entertainment but also as a means of continual personal development. Learning from their mistakes and drawing inspiration from their positive actions contribute to our growth. While we appreciate celebrities for their work and talent, acknowledging how they handle challenges or understanding their true nature is equally important.

In essence, the role of entertainment in our lives is vital for maintaining a stable and happy state of mind. Newzertainment consistently strives to keep this in mind, catering to your entertainment needs and ensuring a fulfilling experience.

Our Motto

The primary objective of Newzertainment and our team is to consistently deliver a regular dose of entertainment to enrich your life and contribute a small measure of joy to keep you happy. Additionally, we are dedicated to fostering a deeper appreciation for Hollywood and anime creations and their creators. Beyond this, Newzertainment also harbors the motivation to propel our country forward in the realm of entertainment.

Join Us

Newzertainment is more than just a company; it’s a family and a community of passionate individuals who love Hollywood, anime, and dedicated writing. Working with us not only provides a workplace but also offers a friendly environment akin to a family, where mutual support is a given.

We don’t select our team members solely based on their previous or current work experience or degrees. Our criteria for selection revolve around an applicant’s talent and interest. If you have a passion for Hollywood or anime, or if your writing skills are exceptional, you are more than welcome to join our family.

Here are the necessary skills we look for:

  1. Proficiency in English, both spoken and written, with a particular emphasis on writing skills.
  2. The ability to present sentences in a formal yet casual and relevant manner, ensuring that the applicant’s blogs not only attract readers but also establish a connection.
  3. A good understanding or, at the very least, a strong interest in Hollywood movies, web series, anime, or celebrities.
  4. Creative writing skills – the ability to present information not just factually but also creatively, adding personal reviews and thoughts.
  5. Availability to write a minimum of three articles per day and to be available for a minimum of 2-4 hours daily.

If you meet these criteria and share our enthusiasm for entertainment, we extend a warm welcome to you in becoming a part of our Newzertainment family.

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