Why Deadpool and Wolverine could potentially rake in $1 Billion at the box office and be a success

With the release date of Deadpool and Wolverine getting closer and closer, the hype around the latest Marvel movie is only increasing until the movie hits theaters on July 26. Given just how excited people are for Wade Wilson and Logan crossing paths and working together, there’s a good chance that (and some other factors) can lead to the movie making bank. Here are a few reasons:

deadpool and wolverine

It’s Deadpool and we like Deadpool

When the original Deadpool movie sliced and diced its way into theaters in 2016, it was different from other Marvel movies. This wasn’t some PG-13 affair that you could take your kids to; this was a superhero flick that featured plenty of gore, inappropriate humor, and a bit of darkness thrown in as Wade’s life becomes, as he described it, “a horror story.” The first two movies cultivated an audience that wanted to see more of what they loved in the first two movies. Until The Boys came along, most people didn’t think that the fellas in spandex (besides DP and Wolverine) killed people.

Hugh Jackman’s back as Wolverine, bub

Hugh Jackman has plenty of experience playing James Logan Howlett on the silver screen. We all know how Logan behaves and in the comics, Deadpool and Wolverine have gone on a few fun adventures together. Comic nerds will be happy their two favorite characters will finally go on an adventure together while fans of Jackman are glad he’s reprising his role since he played it well. There’s also the fact that Logan and Wade have polar opposite personalities, which can make for a fun dynamic as Wade will definitely annoy and anger Weapon X.

Deadpool and Wolverine is connected to the MCU

Deadpool and Wolverine features the Time Variance Authority (TVA) whisking Wade away from his now normal life to have him recruit a washed-up Wolverine for a critical mission. Before Deadpool and Wolverine, it was assumed the first two DP movies (like the Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man films) existed in their own continuity and weren’t part of Disney’s cinematic cash cow.

Given that crazy Wade and grizzled Logan will somehow be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU fans will also be putting themselves in seats to understand how they’re connected. Other characters like Pyro (another Marvel mutant) show up and one trailer shows Ant-Man’s helmet and skull seem to be used as a base by Cassandra Nova, the film’s antagonist, and one more mutant.

Wade and Logan can also be seen leaping through a portal similar to the ones Doctor Strange creates, so there’s a slim chance that magic and maybe even Strange or the Ancient One may be involved as well. It’s possible Deadpool and Wolverine could be used to toss mutants (and the X-Men cast of characters) into the MCU once all is said and done. 

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Jennifer Garner, who played Elektra in the 2003 Daredevil movie and the Elektra spin-off movie in 2005, will return to play the character in Deadpool and Wolverine. She’s isn’t the only one invited to this party as Sabretooth and Toad, who are also mutants, will be in the movie as well. On set photos show Deadpool and Wolverine battling against Logan’s archenemy in the snowy woods. Ray Park, the actor for Toad, confirmed via Instagram that he’ll also be in the movie. Both mutants have appeared in previous X-Men films.

It seems like Deadpool and Wolverine will serve to connect non-MCU live-action Marvel movies to the MCU. This excludes the Spidey ones, as No Way Home already did that by including the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions of the webhead. Miguel (Spider-Man 2099) in Across the Spider-Verse knows what’s happening to MCU Peter during that movie. More reasons for MCU nerds to buy tickets since it seems all of these movies are connected to one another.

Into the Deadpool-Verse

A promo poster for Deadpool and Wolverine shows not only a silhouette of Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool but four more Deadpool variants. Merchandise for the movie indicates that these Deadpool variants are Dogpool (Deadpool, but as a small dog), Headpool (a flying severed head of Wade Wilson), Kidpool, and Babypool (child versions of the Regenerating Degenerate). 

Set photos also show another DP variant who has long hair and wears it in a bun; this version is referred to as ‘Samurai Deadpool.’ It seems like this will be somewhat similar to Sony’s first Spider-Verse movie where multiple Spider-Man variants work together to defeat a threat that can affect the multiverse. All the more reason for Deadpool fans to watch the movie when it hits theaters. The more Deadpools, the bloodier.

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