Emma Roberts Shares That She Returned a Gift From Her Ex When She Discovered Its High Value.

Emma Roberts

Roberts mentioned this detail during a tour of her lovely Los Angeles home with ‘Architectural Digest’.

Emma Roberts gives and takes. Let us elaborate.

The 33-year-old actress, Emma Roberts, recently took ‘Architectural Digest’ on a tour of her Los Angeles home. During the tour of her TV room, fans learned about a particular book she once gave to an unnamed ex. She revealed that she reclaimed the book after discovering its value. After showcasing a new Joni Mitchell shrine in the TV room, Roberts moved on to the overflow of books on her shelves, where she pointed out the Charles Portis novel, Norwood.

“This is a book I actually gave as a gift to my ex, but then we broke up,” Emma Roberts shared, withholding details about the ex-boyfriend. “I saw how much it was worth, and I kept it.” Roberts chuckled as she made the confession.

The book seems to be in excellent condition, much like her other collectibles, but it’s uncertain if it’s a signed copy or a first edition. Nevertheless, a quick search on Etsy reveals that a similar book, considered a “rare find” and “vintage from the 1960s,” is priced at around $4,500. It’s indeed quite valuable.

Roberts is currently dating fellow actor Cody John. She has previously been romantically linked to Hayden Christensen, Christopher Hines, and, most recently, actor Garrett Hedlund, with whom she shares a 3-year-old son named Rhodes. In January 2022, it was confirmed that Roberts and Hedlund ended their relationship after being together for almost three years.

Emma Roberts also revealed that the TV room holds a special place in her heart as it’s where the family gathers, including her son Rhodes, who keeps his adorable toy chest there. Interestingly, it’s also where Rhodes has his “timeout chair,” the same chair that Roberts used as a child. This connection brings her laughter, she explains. Recently, Roberts celebrated Rhodes’ third birthday. In a January interview with ET, she expressed gratitude for her career and for having her son with her.

“I’m really enjoying it. I feel incredibly fortunate. I just finished working on a show, and tomorrow I get to spend time with my 3-year-old,” shared the actress from “Scream Queens.” “So life is good. I’m very thankful.” There’s no confirmation if Roberts lets her son play with her impressive doll collection, including Leggy Jill or drunk cowgirl Barbie, which are proudly showcased in her “little office area.”

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