NCT Renjun on a temporary hiatus after harassed by “Sasaeng” fan

NCT Renjun will remain out of NCT Dream’s solo concert scheduled for May 2-4 next month

nct renjun on a temporary hiatus

NCT Renjun on a temporary hiatus

Member of the popular K-pop boy band NCT Dreams, NCT Renjun on a temporary hiatus for personal and health reasons. SM Entertainment, managing agency of the group “NCT Dreams,” revealed in an official statement that Renjun will remain out of group activities following his poor physical condition and anxiety symptoms.

According to agency, the full recovery of the artist is their top most priority and for that reason NCT Renjun will remain out of group’s activities and focus on his physical strength and full recovery.

“Renjun had recently seen doctors due to poor physical condition and anxiety symptoms. They advised him to rest and stabilize sufficiently. His health is the top priority for the agency, so we have decided to focus on his treatment and recovery after careful discussion with the artist himself.” ~ SM Entertainment

As a result, NCT Renjun will be absent from all the upcoming promotional events, fanigning event on April 20 and NCT Dream’s solo concert scheduled for May 2-4 next month. During this period, NCT Dreams will remain six member group including all other members Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung.

“Sasaeng” fan controversy

This announcement recalled his recent confrontation with a “Sasaeng” fan who had sent him intrusive and defamatory messages. NCT Renjun shared screenshots of the messages via a paid fan communication platform.

renjun reacts strongly to a sasaeng fan

According to the screenshot shared by NCT Renjun, The “Sasaeng” fan said, “Idols have these days been so carefree. You guys effortlessly earn money, have good looks, and date freely, yet live performances are crap. There’s no passion seen in the previous generations, just too relaxed. You guys should be prohibited from using cell phones as in the past.”

While Renjun responded, “Rather than hiding behind a screen and typing these messages like a rat if you have something to say, have the courage to say it to my face with a lawyer present.”

NCT Renjun also expressed displeasure and frustration towards fan’s conduct and said, “Idols are human, and we face difficulties, too! Don’t judge us for living in a ridiculous schedule.” and “If you pursue your dreams with dedication, financial success will follow. Are there any professions that don’t offer financial rewards?”

He also said, “Live your life to the fullest. Don’t waste time on irrelevant people. Instead, learn to find inner peace and calm. Don’t direct your frustrations towards others.”

After this serious breach of privacy, SM Entertainment took the lead and warned that they will take legal action against those who invade or try to invade the privacy of the artists and idols. In the recent years, the agency has been tirelessly working towards collecting instances of malicious criminal behavior against its artists. With the evidence from these, they have filed complaints for insult and other charges, requesting prompt cooperation in the investigation.

Heat around Renjun on a temporary hiatus


Why is NCT Dream’s Renjun on a temporary hiatus?

According to official statement released by SM Entertainment, Renjun on a temporary hiatus due to personal and health related reasons that may include frustration and anxiety.

Will Renjun be attending NCT Dream’s solo concert in May 2024?

Renjun will remain out of the seven member group for the concert. NCT Dream will perform as six member group including Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung.

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