X-Ray Images of Taiwanese Model Reveal the Dark Side of Plastic Surgery

Fang Qi Yuan, a Taiwanese model with over 1.22 million followers on Instagram, revealed troubling information about her recent face X-ray.

On her own Instagram account, Fang Qi Yuan shared a picture showing a 3cm nail stuck in her jaw implant. It was left there during a surgery she had eight years ago, and the Taiwanese model only found out about it recently.

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The Taiwanese model’s unexpected X-ray revealed not only the nail but also three additional implants in her face, suggesting a history of multiple cosmetic procedures. People online were shocked and worried, wondering how the nail was missed during surgery and expressing concern about the many changes she made to her appearance.

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Her followers and critics asked if Fang Qi Yuan needed more surgery to fix the problems and worried about health risks like infections. They advised her to see a doctor again to deal with these big problems.

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According to the China Times, Fang started getting many cosmetic surgeries when she was 18 and spent a lot of money changing how she looked. She admitted she can’t remember all the surgeries she had because she felt really insecure about her appearance. Even after finding the nail in her face, Fang said she still wants to have more surgeries to improve her looks.

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In 2013, Fang started her career as an underwear model and became popular. She has stayed famous and gained more followers on social media, especially on Instagram.

SOURCE : wikitree

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