Ashlyn Harris supports her girlfriend, Sophia Bush, after Sophia publicly shares that she’s queer.

Ashlyn Harri

Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris were seen together in public for the first time in March.

Ashlyn Harris went on Instagram last Friday to show how proud and supportive she is of her girlfriend, actress Sophia Bush. Sophia recently shared that she’s queer in an emotional essay featured in Glamour magazine. Ashlyn posted a picture of Sophia on the magazine cover, where she looks vulnerable but truthful.

In Ashlyn Harris Instagram Story, she wrote, “I’m proud of you, babe,” next to the picture of Sophia wearing only a brown leather jacket with her hands covering her chest. The cover had a strong quote from Sophia’s essay, saying, “I feel like I can finally breathe.”

Ashlyn Harris

Ashlyn Harris shows her support for her girlfriend, Sophia Bush, on Instagram.

The star of One Tree Hill shared with the magazine that she’s always felt her sexuality is diverse, but now she’s comfortable identifying as “queer.”

“I’ve always felt that my feelings about who I like can change and aren’t just one thing,” Bush said. “I’ve felt really safe and accepted in the queer community for a long time, even before fully understanding my own identity.

Now, I’m comfortable saying I’m queer, and it makes me happy. It’s frustrating that in 2024, I still have to explain this, especially with all the negativity towards the LGBTQIA+ community lately.

But it’s important to speak up, even when it’s hard. Figuring out who I am took a lot of thinking, talking to people, and support. It’s been a journey of accepting myself and not worrying about what others expect from me.”

Ashlyn Harris

“I feel like I can finally relax. It’s hard to put into words how important that feeling is. It’s like I’ve been carrying around a heavy vest without even realizing it. I only noticed how heavy it was when I took it off.”

The actress also talked about her relationship with soccer star Ashlyn Harris, who is 38 years old, confirming that they are romantically involved. Bush shared that their connection grew stronger during their divorces and highlighted how much their romance has deeply influenced her life.

Ashlyn Harris

However, Bush talked about how her privacy was invaded and untrue stories were spread about her divorce from her ex-husband Grant Hughes, who is 42, and her new relationship with Harris. She strongly denied claims of cheating and highlighted how upsetting it was to deal with rumors and harassment. Bush clarified that she didn’t end her marriage abruptly but that it took over a year to work through the difficult emotions.

She also mentioned the struggle of being vulnerable publicly despite feeling terrified. Despite these challenges, Bush is thankful for the constant support from her family, especially her parents, Charles and Maureen, who have embraced her journey with love and acceptance.

Ashlyn Harris

In March, the public got its first glimpse of Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris together at the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s 32nd annual Academy Awards viewing party in West Hollywood, California. The event was abuzz with excitement as Bush wowed attendees in a stunning burgundy Marmar Halim gown, elegantly paired with a thigh-high slit and a sparkling, jewel-encrusted choker. Meanwhile, Harris exuded sophistication in a stylish suit featuring an ivory button-down shirt, diamond stud earrings, and an array of sparkling necklaces.

Photographers captured the couple inside the star-studded affair, where they even posed for a snapshot alongside Eric McCormack, known for his role in “Will & Grace.” Despite their presence together, Bush and Ashlyn Harris opted to enter the party separately, maintaining a low profile and steering clear of media attention while enjoying the company of friends.

Their appearance at the Oscar viewing party followed a fun-filled time together with friends at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, where they intentionally kept a low profile, seemingly relishing in each other’s company away from the spotlight.

News of their romance first surfaced in October, shortly after both Bush and Ashlyn Harris had ended their respective relationships. Bush initiated divorce proceedings from her then-husband, Grant Hughes, in August 2023, after just 13 months of marriage. Reports indicated that the split was amicable, with sources suggesting that the couple realized they were better off as friends and mutually supported each other’s happiness.

Similarly, Harris, a retired United States Women’s National Soccer Team star, filed for divorce from her partner, Ali Krieger, in September. The couple, who had tied the knot in 2019 after a decade-long relationship, share two children together, Sloane, aged 3, and Ocean, aged 1.

In November, Ashlyn Harris took to social media to address speculation surrounding her divorce and her burgeoning relationship with Bush. She candidly discussed the private nature of her split from Krieger, emphasizing the complexity of ending a relationship built on years of friendship, partnership, and co-parenting.

Ashlyn Harris vehemently denied rumors of infidelity during her marriage, describing such accusations as “unbearably painful” and false. She emphasized her commitment to honesty and integrity, asserting that she had remained faithful throughout her marriage, even during challenging times that required therapy and emotional processing.

Ashlyn Harris statement underscored the importance of setting the record straight amidst swirling rumors and media scrutiny, affirming her dedication to transparency and truthfulness in navigating the complexities of personal relationships in the public eye.

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