What is Eeyore’s Birthday Party in Austin

Eeyore’s Birthday party in Austin held on the last Saturday of the April.

Eeyores Birthday Party in Austin

The Eeyore’s Birthday party in Austin is an event hosted by the non profit organization Friends of the Forest Foundation Pease District Park. The event is primarily about an ode to the beloved children’s character, who was saddened when no one remembered his birthday.

History of Eeyore’s Birthday Party in Austin

It is Austin’s longest running community tradition program which pays homage to the pessimistic character of “Winnie-the-Pooh.” The Eeyore’s Birthday Party in Austin event first began with a handful of students from The University of Texas at Austin in 1963. The students gathered in Eastwoods Neighborhoods Park to celebrate the springtime with a picnic.

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Now, The 59th edition of the Eeyore’s Birthday Party in Austin is returning to Pease District Park. The timing for the event has been set between 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the evening and this free event includes live music, games, crafts, costume contests, face paintings and nonprofit vendors.

All the proceeds received from the local vendors will go back to the non profit organization to benefit central Texas. Therefore, we also request you to donate, support and volunteer in the spirit of Eeyore’s Birthday Party in Austin.

Vibes on X for Eeyore’s Birthday


Why Eeyore’s Birthday celebrated?

The event of Eeyore’s Birthday Party is celebrated to pay homage to pessimistic “Winnie-the-Poo” character in the month of April on the last Saturday annually.

Who organize the event of Eeyore’s Birthday?

The non profit organization of Friends of the Forest Foundation hosts the Eeyore’s Birthday in the Pease District Park in Austin.

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