Gothic 1 Remake Collector’s Edition now available for pre-ordering for all consoles, limited to 7,500 units

A trailer for the Gothic 1 Remake Collector’s Edition has dropped, though there still isn’t a release date for the game.

Gothic 1 release date

What’s included in the Gothic 1 Remake Collector’s Edition?

The coolest item in this set looks to be a Sleeper Mask that’s meant to be mounted onto a wall as a decoration, with its measurements being 34 cm in width and 24 cm in height (not sure if you can wear it, though it’d be dope if you could). Also included is the original soundtrack for the game, as well as a leather wristband with the Gothic logo emblazoned on it and a genuine leather notebook bearing the shape of the Sleeper Mask.

Unlike some other Collector’s Editions, this one bucks a disliked trend by including a physical copy of the game (for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC), and only 7,500 of these Editions will be produced. It’ll set you back $200/€200 and you can order it here. You better hurry if you really want this.

What is the Gothic 1 Remake?

Gothic 1 switch

Unless you’re a Gothic fan, I wouldn’t blame you for completely forgetting about this remake. Two decades ago in ye olden age of 2001 (god, I feel ancient), Gothic was released to the gaming public by developer Piranha Bytes. It’s set in a penal colony where the prisoners are forced to mine a magical mineral. This is because the king of this land needs this mineral to turn it into weapons to be utilized against orcs since humans are in a war against them and aren’t doing too well against the opposing faction.

To get more of this magic mineral, the king sends everyone who’s been naughty to this colony, increasing the miners he has working for him. Multiple wizards are ordered to create a barrier over this colony, but the barrier instead covers the entire valley where the colony is situated. After this, the prisoners murder the guards and establish control over their prison (it’s a bit like that one season of Prison Break). Three different factions also arise in the wake of the chaos.

From there, the prisoners and king come to a deal: the latter gets his magic mineral, while the former receives various goods from him. Players play as an unnamed individual who’s tossed into the camp and eventually ends up freeing the prisoners from their jail.

The Gothic 1 Remake is a new version of this game build from the ground up. A teaser was dropped back in 2022, but developer Alkimia Interactive and publisher THQ Nordic have both kept mum about the game.

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