Lords of the Fallen Master of Fate update turns Soulslike into roguelike, is the final free content roadmap milestone

Lords of the Fallen release date

What’s included in the Lords of the Fallen Master of Fate update

Back in November of 2023, Lords of the Fallen developer Hexworks uploaded a content roadmap outlining all of the improvements and inclusions players would soon get to experience. With the release of the Lords of the Fallen Master of Fate update, Hexworks has announced that they’ve reached the end of this free content roadmap. Thankfully, the developer seems to be ending things with quite a bang.

For starters, there’s an adjustable new game modifier system that lets players finetune their playthrough, including the option to randomize both enemy spawns and loot drops. To make things even spicier, an Iron Man modifier is also available. If activated and a player dies while in the Axiom realm, they will spawn in the Umbral realm, but if they die a second death here, they’ll be tossed back to square one of the game, though they’ll get to keep their loot and levels they acquired. However, if players die while exploring the Umbral realm, the reverse will not occur (i.e., spawning in the Axiom realm). Hexworks has said these modifiers turn Lord of the Fallen into a roguelike.

Another modifier also increases the number of enemies that players have to fend off while on their journey. If that isn’t enough for you gluttons for punishment, there’s also a Withered Healing modifier: instead of recovering health and moving on, players will receive withered health, meaning attacks have to be landed on enemies to obtain true health points. Another modifier also adjusts the amount of Vestiges (checkpoints) players come across, with one removing all Vestiges from the game to make an excruciating crucible for players.

Along with all of that, there’s also some other stuff included: three new questlines, all new weapons, spells, projectiles, and armor sets, more secret boss weapon abilities, new finishers for single and two-handed weapons, and various quality-of-life improvements.

What is Lords of the Fallen?

why lords of the fallen getting bad reviews

To be clear here, we’re referring to the 2023 game, not the 2014 title. Lords of the Fallen is a dark fantasy Soulslike RPG (do you think FromSoftware plagiarized their idea?) where you play as a Dark Crusader. Your job is to stop Adyr, a powerful demon god (how is that a thing?), from returning to power after he was defeated many moons ago.

The Dark Crusader will need to journey through two realms, Axiom and Umbral. The former is the land of the living, while the latter is where the dead reside. It’s a Soulslike RPG, so, of course, there’s going to be challenging combat with enemies and bosses who’ll repeatedly bash your face into a wall until you “git gud,” as the kids say, as well as obtain various items, weapons, and spells to refine and enhance your build.

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