All New X-Men Xbox sweepstakes announced, mutant-themed Xbox Series X and heroic controllers are prizes, last date is May 19

x-men x-box sweepstakes

The X-Men Xbox sweepstake and how to enter

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The recent Disney Plus show X-Men ’97 has been a major hit with fans of the mutants and those who grew up watching the original show back in the 1990s. Given the popularity of it, Xbox seems to want in on that X-gene action. To that end, they’ve announced a new Xbox sweepstakes, with the prize being a custom Xbox Series X, a standard Xbox Series controller, and a custom Xbox design lab controller.

This X-clusive Xbox features artwork of Professor X’s team of heroes in a two-page story written by comic writer Rich Douek and illustrated by comic artist Paco Diaz. The story itself is about the X-Men going into battle against multiple Sentinels (giant robots made specifically to exterminate mutants) and the Master Mold (a Sentinel that’s more powerful than others of its kind). An Xbox Series X also makes an appearance in the Danger Room, the X-Men’s training area (yes, really).

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That’s not the only prize that X-fans can win, as one controller themed around an X-Man will also be included with the custom Xbox, along with a normal Series controller. Xbox has gone all-out and created multiple controllers themed around other notable mutants like Storm, Jean Grey, Morph, Cyclops, Beast, and more. These controllers also come in packaging that harkens back to packaging action figures from the nineties came in.

To enter, participants need to follow the official Xbox account on X (formerly Twitter) and repost the official Xbox Sweepstakes post (#xmen97xboxsweepstakes). The window to do so is from April 22 (6 A.M. PST) until May 19 (8 P.M. PST).

This isn’t the only time Xbox has given away a themed Xbox Series X. They also held a sweepstake where they gave away consoles themed around South Park characters earlier this year.

What is X-Men ‘97?

X-Men ‘97

Back in the nineties, X-Men: The Animated Series introduced many young children to Marvel’s cast of uncanny mutants who fight for their kind to be accepted by normal humans across 76 episodes. X-Men ‘97 (referencing the year the original series came to an end) is a continuation of this series on Disney Plus.

The first two episodes of X-Men ‘97 dropped earlier in March this year and sees the X-Men dealing with all new problems now that their old leader, Professor X, is gone. The Professor is no longer available to guide them since he went to outer space to be treated by the Shi’ar (an alien race from Marvel comics) because he was dying in the final episode of the original show. The first season is made up of 10 episodes, and season two is currently in production, while a third season is currently being developed.

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