Watch Dogs dead, battle royale project canceled, says Ubisoft leaker

A reputable leaker said the Watch Dogs is “dead and buried” after someone asked if a new game is being made.

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The fate of Ubisoft’s open-world hacking game series

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Ubisoft is well-known for making open-world video games and one of those game series is Watch Dogs. The latest game in the series is Watch Dogs Legion from 2020, but it looks like Legion will also be the final Watch Dogs game.

Over on X (formerly Twitter), a user asked @j0nathan (a reputable leaker on Ubisoft games) whether there is a new game in the works. The leaker replied by saying “Watch Dogs is normally dead and buried.”, and that Legion’s failure led to franchise projects being canceled, one of which was a battle royale game that @j0nathan described as a “fairly original.”

Earlier, the leaker posted images related to the next Far Cry game, one of which was the face of Cillian Murphy of Oppenheimer fame. @j0nathan explained that Murphy himself wasn’t involved in the game, but that the image of his face refers to something else.

What is Watch Dogs?

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The original Watch Dogs was released back in 2014 (god, I feel old), with the unique selling point of allowing players to hack into various devices, such as phones, cars, bridges, etc. The first game was a rather grim affair where you played as hacker Aiden Pearce, who is on the hunt for the individual responsible for ordering a hit on him, only for his young niece to instead be the one killed in the assassination attempt.

Later in 2016, Watch Dogs 2 was released and followed the exploits of Marcus Holloway, another hacker who works with hacking group DedSec to expose ctOS (a computer network linking all technology into a single system that was also in the first game) and the company that runs ctOS, Blume (Google, but more evil).

Finally, there’s Watch Dogs Legion, which involves DedSec being forced to prove their innocence after multiple bombings are pinned on them. The interesting thing about Legion is the fact that there isn’t a main character. Instead, you can recruit and switch between multiple playable characters, all of whom have their own unique traits (e.g.: summoning backup during a fight, being able to carry more ammo, having access to certain weapons/vehicles, etc.). To make things spicier, a permadeath option can also be enabled that prevents characters from being used if they die while being controlled.

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