Far Cry 7 Cillian Murphy rumors believe Oppenheimer actor is involved in latest entry, but not as villain

The Far Cry Cillian Murphy rumor comes from a leaker known for leaking accurate information related to Ubisoft games.

Cillian Murphy To Play Far Cry 7 Villain

The Far Cry Cillian Murphy Rumors

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A rumor from a leaker on X (formerly Twitter) is floating around, saying that Cillian Murphy, the guy who played Scarecrow in Batman Begins, and J. Robert Oppenheimer in that one movie that was linked to Barbie for some reason, will be involved in some way with Ubisoft’s Far Cry 7. This comes from X user @j0nathan, who’s known for leaking accurate information about Ubisoft games. In his latest post, he wrote that he never said Murphy would be in the next Far Cry game and that the image of the actor’s face means something else.

In an earlier post he uploaded, he wrote “If nothing changes by then.”, in French. It’s accompanied by four photos: one of a timebomb counting down from 72 hours, another of a humongous crab on a beach with someone looking at it, a third of Cillian Murphy’s face (the image the previous paragraph talked about), and the final one being the number seven with some trees and bushes behind it. That last one looks similar to the font that the Far Cry titles use on their titles and box art. As for the crab image, I have no clue. Far Cry’s known for including dream/hallucination sequences, so maybe this is concept art for one such sequence.

Given @j0nathan’s recent clarification, it isn’t known if Murphy will even star in the next Far Cry game or be involved in some other way. Given that his latest film is Oppenheimer (a biographical flick about the man who invented the atom bomb), it’s possible the next Far Cry game may be involve weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

This wouldn’t be the first time WMDs have shown up in this series, as one of the endings in Far Cry 5 sees nukes being launched and detonating all across the world, setting the stage for Far Cry New Dawn, where the world is still dealing with the ramifications of that ending and rebuilding their societies from that nuclear disaster. Maybe Far Cry 7 is about stopping the apocalypse unleashed by nuclear missiles (note: this is pure speculation and has not be supported/confirmed by any sources.)

As for the 72-hour thing, it was rumored last year that Far Cry 7 (referred to internally as Project Blackbird) will deviate from prior entries and have a non-linear storyline. This information comes from Insider Gaming and will involve the player’s in-game family being kidnapped, with the protagonist only having three days (24 hours in real-world time) to find and rescue them all (Thank god it’s not our actual families. I was worried Ubisoft was going nuts like their Far Cry villains.). 

Sources told Insider Gaming that a conspiracy group known as ‘The Sons of Truth’ kidnaps the player’s family. The player will be allowed to rescue them in any order they want and the story will change depending on whether family members die. The goal is to stop The Sons of Truth and successfully rescue all family members. To accomplish this, players will be allowed to interrogate enemies, which can lead to various outcomes, such as the enemy being honest, escaping, keeping mum, or giving you false information. An in-game timer will also start at 72 hours and count down but will pause when the player is in a safehouse.

Insider Gaming also wrote that certain details of the game are subject to change because of the development stage the game was in and that Far Cry 7 would be released in the Fall of 2025. They also wrote that the game will utilize the Snowdrop engine and Ubisoft Montreal was the developer behind this game. As of writing, there hasn’t been any official announcement of a new Far Cry game by Ubisoft nor has it been confirmed if Murphy will be involved, though there will be a Ubisoft Forward on June 10. Maybe then, we’ll find out if all of this is true or not.

What is Far Cry?

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You know how Ubisoft has a reputation for making open-world games? Far Cry is one of those open-world game series. They’re first-person shooters with the protagonists usually having to deal with nutjob villains along with themes of religion, sanity, and how depraved the actions of your fellow man can be.

It’s got the usual Ubisoft tower/map mechanic (as you’d expect), but these games also let you upgrade yourself by hunting whatever wildlife is present in the game you’re playing. There are also outposts where you can kill everyone to make the surrounding area safe for you as well as side activities like poaching rare animals, time-trial races, and betting money as you play poker games. In short, it’s what you’d expect from a Ubisoft game these days, for better or for worse.

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