TikTok Star Maddy Baloy Dies at 26 after Cancer Battle

TikTok Star Maddy Baloy peacefully passed away on Wednesday after long drawn battle with Cancer

tiktok star maddy baloy
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TikTok Star Maddy Baloy dead at 26

Maddy Baloy hailed from Tampa, Florida and amassed huge following of 446,000 followers on the short video app TikTok. On top of that, She gained another 27,000 followers on the Instagram. Maddy was a kindergarten teacher who gained a large social media presence after documenting her life with terminal cancer.

TikTok Star’s fiance, Louis Risher said in a statement to People, “passed away peacefully” on Wednesday night “surrounded with love.” Risher added, “She is so special. I turned 27 yesterday, actually. I was holding her hand all day and that’s all I needed.”

GoFundMe page by Maddy

According to her GoFundMe page, TikTok Star Maddy Baloy diagnosed withe metastatic stage 4 cancer at the age of 25. She shared her experience with the general public on her page that she initially thought it was just stomach bug but tragically turned out to be cancer.

Baloy wrote, “Since my cancer diagnosis a few days ago, I have already undergone two surgeries and am now facing chemotherapy and will require future surgeries in the near future,” “My heart is bursting at the number of people who have reached out to me asking to help in anyway possible,” she added. “As I now require around-the-clock care, Louis and I are now unable to work and finances will be extremely tight.”

The first social media post

@fruitsnackmaddy And I have never been more beautiful. F*ck cancer. #cancersucks #cancer #cancerfighter #cancerawareness #cancersurvivor #stageivcancer #chemotherapy #chemo #chemoqueen #chemotherapysideeffects #shaving #baldhead #bald ♬ ghost town voice memo (full version out now) – chloe george

TikTok Star Maddy Baloy’s first social media post around cancer related diagnoses only came in March last year. She shared “started getting tummy aches” in June 2022. According to Maddy, She started getting frequent painful cramps lasting for 10-20 seconds and assumed part of her daily life as they were so so frequent. However, When she experienced a sudden weight loss of around 50 pounds without even trying or any physical activity. Not only this, She said she “chalked it up to luck” but would occasionally get nauseous. 

From that point, nausea wouldn’t go away and she couldn’t stop vomiting. She paid a visit to urgent care center and found out that it wasn’t just a normal stomach pain but “all signs are indicative of cancer,” forcing her to immediately go to the emergency room. She said a CT scan showed a large mass in her large intestine and cancerous tumors. She underwent emergency colorectal surgery to battle her stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

Her fight against Cancer

After diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 cancer, TikTok Star Maddy Baloy made it her mission to spread awareness about the cancer, to fight against it and that too with a smile on her face. Her TikTok videos secured her millions of views as she put on a brave face amid the health scare. In one of her video that earned around million views,she documented herself pulling her hair out of her scalp. The video then transitions to her smiling in the camera with a shaved head. In the caption she wrote, “And I have never been more beautiful. F*ck cancer. #cancersucks #cancer #cancerfighter.”

Only February 2024, Gordon Ramsay fullfilled Maddy’s long drawn wish to meet him. She shared her experience on TikTok and Instagram with her followers and said she and four others ate at his Lucky Cat restaurant. 

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