What’s Next for Ryan Garcia After Testing Positive for Ostarine?

Ryan Garcia

On April 20th, popular boxer Ryan Garcia had a big win against Devin Haney, even though he didn’t make weight to compete for the belt. But shortly after, there was trouble. Before the fight, they tested Garcia for drugs, and it turned out he had Ostarine, a performance-enhancing drug, in his system.

Ryan Garcia

Due to this problem, people are saying Ryan Garcia cheated when he beat Devin Haney. Everyone, even Haney, has been talking about the Ostarine situation. News from ESPN’s Mike Coppinger and boxing reporter Dan Rafael first told everyone about Ryan Garcia failing the drug test. They said he had Ostarine in his body the night before the fight with Haney.

Firstly, what exactly is Ostarine?

Ostarine is a substance that athletes often use because they think it can help them perform better, grow muscles, and maybe even help with medical issues like bone strength. But it’s not approved by the FDA and has been found to be harmful to people.

Organizations like the World Anti-Doping Agency say it’s not allowed because it’s like an anabolic steroid. Ostarine is a type of compound called a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). According to experts, even though it’s not a steroid, it can still cause problems for the liver, heart, and muscles.

What Happens Next for Ryan Garcia After Failing a Drug Test?

Ryan Garcia has 10 more days to check another sample of his to show he didn’t use any banned substances. But until he’s proven innocent, he might not be allowed to play any sports for up to two years. This happened to other famous boxers like Lucian Bute and Amir Khan when they tested positive for Ostarine, like what might have happened with Garcia.

Ryan Garcia
Image provided by Sky Sports Boxing (via YouTube)

Last year, British boxing star Amir Khan got a two-year ban for breaking anti-doping rules, just like Ryan Garcia might face now. Another athlete, Sean O’Malley, got a six-month suspension for the same thing. So, looking at what happened to them, Garcia might get suspended or banned from boxing for a long time.

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia says he thinks the Ostarine in his system might be from a supplement he was taking called Ashwagandha. He insists he didn’t cheat and believes this is all just a plan to ruin his reputation and take away his win against Haney. But regardless of whether he cheated or not, this situation is likely to damage his reputation as a rising star in boxing. Many people are starting to question if boxing is fair and honest because of incidents like this.

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