Terry Crews call out Anderson Silva for a potential boxing bout on June 15

Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews call out UFC Hall of Fame Anderson Silva for a potential boxing match

terry crews and anderson silva boxing match

Anderson Silva, Brazilian mixed martial arts and professional boxing player, is going to face actor and formal football player Terry Crews in his last professional boxing bout before potential retirement. Fans were stunned when they heard about Terry Crews’ challenge to Anderson “the spider” Silva.

In a recent Instagram post captioned See you June 15, Terry said “I’ve been training and I’m ready” to fight you on June 15. Following Silva’s retirement from MMA, Terry Crews might be his last opponent before retirement from professional boxing. As of now, Terry Crews has issued a potential challenge to Silva for a boxing bout scheduled next month.

Terry Crews challenges Anderson Silva for a potential MMA fight in Brazil

anderson silva retirement MMA

Brazilian martial arts and professional boxer, Anderson Silva returned to professional boxing after departing UFC in 2015. He faced a number of tough and fierce opponents throughout his lengthy carrier. UFC Hall of Fame Anderson Silva in total competed in five fights of which won in three and lost to  Jake Paul and Osmar Luiz Teixeira.

On May 19, 2024, Silva’s final opponent was teased to be none other than Crews. Terry Crews is known for his roles in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Everybody Hates Chris. Not only this, He also appeared in blockbuster franchises like The Expendables. The fight with Spider Silva will mark Crews professional boxing debut while potential retirement for Anderson Silva.

However, Crews and Silva previously hosted regional variants of the Netflix reality series Ultimate Beastmaster. Therefore, it is likely the two are simply teasing a meetup.

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