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New Year’s Eve is the time when we all party hard, welcome all our friends, gather all family members and watch great movies of cinema ever produced. Today, we are listing some of the best weird movies of all time. Moreover, you can check collection of Anime and Hollywood movies here to make your eve more special. Enjoy 🙂


Human Centipede Movie
Via The Wolfman Cometh

From 100% medically accurate to 100% medically inaccurate to further 100% politically incorrect, Tom Six’s human centipede is about suturing more and more people with one another. The movie starts with the first sequel where a psycho medical surgeon stitches two girls and one Japanese boy via their gastric system. Based on the first, the full sequel portrays the life of mentally sick mama’s boy who is fascinatingly indulged in recreating the experiment of human centipede “first sequel.

Making the impossible possible. Now we’re in the final sequel, which follows with the haunted and mind boggling bloodbath where now the jailer is planning to suture 500 inmates together as a punishment. Transforming humans into centipedes is indeed a mind-fucking concept and if you dare to watch all the sequels let us know and share your feedback. 

  • Movie Rating: R (Nudity | Language | Sadistic Horror Violence)
  • Genre: Horror
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Tom Six
  • Producer: Ilona Six, Tom Six
  • Writer: Tom Six
  • Release Date (Theaters): Apr 30, 2010  Limited
  • Release Date (Streaming): Oct 5, 2010
  • Box Office (Gross USA): $181.5K
  • Runtime: 1h 30m
  • Distributor: IFC Films
  • Production Co: Six Entertainment


The Lobster Movie
Via Motion Media Arts Center

You are in a world where being single is a crime and punishment is to turn into an animal of your choice. The lobster, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, is a story about David who is divorced by his wife and now shifted to a hotel. Hotel is like a reform cell where 45 days will be granted to you to change your status from single to committed within 45 days. Failing which person will be transformed into an animal of its choice.

David with his brother, who has been changed into a dog, joins the hotel to find one for him. Not only this, the hotel also has some interesting rules, for instance masturbation is banned but sexual stimulation by maid is mandatory, dances and propaganda of being committed and on top of that a single person can extend its deadline by hunting loners, single people, living in forest. In the movie David will escape the hotel and join loners in the forest and the movie will then take an interesting turn. Wanna know what that is, go and watch The lobster.

EXAM (2009)

Exam Movie
Via Screen Daily

You have 80 minutes to answer one question, sounds easy right, but the question is not known to you. Eight candidates in an exam for a job in a reputed company. The invigilator instructs them not to spoil the exam paper, talk to him or the armed guard and leave the room.

Candidates code named themselves as deaf, white, black, blonde, dark, brunette, brown. All the candidates employ various tactics to ace the exam. Company’s CEO who found the virus cure but also discovered a method of rapid cell regeneration capable of providing “the gift of life”. However it is not a full movie review rather a pill to fascinate you. To know who wins and what the question was, go and watch the Exam. 


Dumplings Movie
Via Empire

What if i tell you there’s n number of beauty tips to look younger of which one is consuming fetuses. The Dumplings, a Hong Kong horror film, frames Mie, a 64 year old woman, who prepares dumplings of human fetuses to look younger. Mrs. Lie, an actress, who is losing her beauty and attention of her husband lately contacts Mie for the cure.

First she was disgusted by seeing the ingredient of the dumplings but then after getting her husband’s attention back, who previously had an affair with his masseuse, she forced Mie to prepare more such. Following this Mie ready to perform an abortion of Kate, impregnated by her father, to provide fetus to Mrs. Li. after which the story takes a new turn. Movie is in Chinese watch with subtitles. 

  • Genre: Horror, Drama
  • Original Language: Chinese
  • Director: Fruit Chan
  • Producer: Peter Ho-Sun Chan
  • Writer: Lilian Lee Pik-Wah
  • Release Date (Streaming): Sep 1, 2016
  • Runtime: 1h 31m
  • Production Co: Fortissimo Film Sales
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital


The Collection Movie
Via The Hollywood Reporter

At a party you are enjoying the party and an attack breaks out  which changes everything. Elena peters with her friends at a party and finds out her boyfriend, Brian, is cheating on her. Elena enters an isolated room with a box in which Arkin is trapped. Series of traps in the party killed a number of her friends of which Arkin escaped and Elena was kidnaped by The collector.

Hearing this Arkin, on the promise of clearing all the records,  was called to lead a team of mercenaries by Luccello. They entered an abandoned hotel to find Elena. The collector has a psychotic tendency to rearrange human’s body parts to resemble insects. On the way to escape Elena finds a little girl, Abby, who is close to the collector and ditches Elena many times. Now Elena is on the autopsy table, Abby is dead, Luccello is under a trap and Arkin is caged. To find out what happens next, watch the movie collection and give your valuable opinion.


Dont Look Now Movie
Via The Guardian

A couple named John and Laura lost their daughter Christine in an accident. Plagued by the feeling of her both moved to Venice where John took up the restoration of an ancient church. Meanwhile, Laura meets her two elderly sisters, Heather and Wendy, at a restaurant. Heather claims to be a psychic and she is able to see the daughter.

As the story forwards she informs Laura that John is under threat and must leave the town. Which he refused to do and met with a serious accident at the construction site when Laura was in England with their son. Moreover, John encounters a glimpse of a small figure wearing a red coat similar to the one Christine was wearing when she died. John is encountering many such things and the movie is getting even horror. To uncover what happened next go and watch Don’t look now. 

  • Movie Rating: R
  • Genre: Mystery & thriller
  • Original Language: English (United Kingdom)
  • Director: Nicolas Roeg
  • Producer: Peter Katz
  • Writer: Allan Scott, Chris Bryant
  • Release Date (Theaters): Dec 25, 1973  Original
  • Release Date (Streaming): Feb 10, 2015
  • Runtime: 1h 50m
  • Distributor: Paramount Pictures
  • Production Co: Casey Productions, Eldorado Film


Repulsion Movie
Via Senses of Media

Carol, a manicurist, lives with her sister Helen and sister’s boyfriend Michael. Carol is bothered with the stuff of Michael like his toothbrush, straight razor, shirt etc. and is not open to any relationship lately. Colin, a suiter, likes Carol and wants to propose to her. One day he drops her home and tries to kiss her to which Carol furiously goes upstairs to her apartment and washes her teeth and mouth.

This act made Carol fall into the chasm of fear and start hallucinating physical mistreatment and harassment. One day Colin came to propose to Carol but instead she put him on deathbed. These all hallucinations were the product of childhood abuse by her uncle which she refers to in the family photo. 

STALKER (1979)

Stalker Movie
Via CineVue

There’s a location having a zone called the room and whoever enters that room gets its wishes fulfilled. Stalker is a guide to that zone who guides interested people to this zone prone with deadly traps and plots. Despite Banned by the government, the stalker agrees to guide two persons to the zone.

The writer and the scientist start their journey to explore the zone with the stalker. He tells them the story of previous stalker who committed suicide after getting through the room. What do you think about what is in the room? Comment below your feedback before and after watching the movie. 

INK (2009)

Ink Movie
Via IMDb

Dreams you watch are controlled by beings of the other verse. Ink portrays three categories of deceased people of the Earth controlling the dreamworld. Storytellers are responsible for good dreams, Incubus are the cause of nightmares and drifters are mere limbo not responsible for bad or good dreams.

A drifter known as Ink removes the soul of Emma, a small girl whose mother has died and Father is John. He did this to enter Incubi headquarters but the storytellers are trying to restore the soul of Emma pursuing Ink. The movie displays great dark frames with a warm feeling at the same time. 

  • Movie Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Jamin Winans
  • Writer: Jamin Winans
  • Release Date (Streaming): Nov 10, 2009
  • Runtime: 1h 42m
  • Production Co: Double Edge Films

I CAN SEE YOU (2008)

One of the most intriguing horror films of the time “i can see you” directed by Graham Reznick shows the three ad members entering the forest for a photoshoot but after the mysterious disappearance of the model things turn extremely strange and horror. Camera angles show the realistic nature of the film. Hope you will like “I can see you”. If you did, comment below.

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