US couple hook safe stuffed with $100,000

Barbara Agostini and James Kane, US couple, hooks safe stuffed with whopping $100,000.

safe stuffed with dollars

US couple found ruined $100,000

Two modern day treasure hunters in the United States uncovered a safe stuffed with around $100,000 in cash. But the story is not that easy and simple.

There’s a catch, most of the banknotes were ruined.

Barbara Agostini and James Kane, a couple in United States in their 40s, have been propelled to celebrity status after making the discovery in the New York pond over the weekend.

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Following this, Barbara Agostini said, “It’s surreal, I thought it was a joke until I saw it with my eyes.”

Though, it was not the first time pair discovering such a safe but it was their first one containing more than random odds and ends, because the box was not air-tight many of the banknotes were wet or mud smeared.

The couple feared as the money could be linked to criminal activity. he couple went to the New York police, saying they “didn’t want to have a problem on our hands.”

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But the officers washed their hands off the money.

“As a general matter, found property valued at ten dollars or more is required to be reported to, and deposited with, the police,” a police spokesman told AFP.

“In this instance, the value and authenticity of the alleged currency could not be determined due to the severely disintegrated condition of the property.”

After all this, US couple Barbara and Kane are now hoping to exchange their waterlogged currency for clean currency. As US rules allow for the exchange of damaged banknotes — provided that they are not the proceeds of crime.

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