Dina Manzo ex-husband convicted of hiring mobster to assault her boyfriend

‘RHONJ’ alum Dina Manzo’s ex-husband Thomas Manzo, convicted of hiring mobster to assault her then boyfriend, faces prison sentence.

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Dina Manzo ex-husband assaulted her boyfriend

Jealousy at its peak as ‘RHONJ’ alum Dina Manzo’s ex-husband hires a professional mobster to assault her then boyfriend Dave Cantin. She married Dave Cantin, one year after officially divorcing his then partner Tommy Manzo over infidelity, back in 2017.

She left ‘RHONJ’ to move California in 2016, where Dina Manzo and Cantin purchased a $16 million ocean-view mansion in Montecito. Not only this, They share a second home in New Jersey and a beach house in Florida.

Thomas “Tommy” Manzo was found guilty by a Federal grand jury of conspiracy falsifying and concealing documents and committing a violent crime in aid of racketeering activity after hiring Lucchese crime family member John Perna to assault Dave Cantin in 2015. He, reportedly faces up to 46 years of punishment in prison and an additional fine of $500,000. His sentencing is scheduled for October 15.

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Dave Catin was left bruised and bloodied after reputed mobster John Perna assaulted him using a slapjack in the parking lot of a North Jersey trip mall. John Perna is the son of former mob boss Ralph Perna and hails from Cedar Grove, N.J.

According to prosecutors, Tommy Manzo hired Perna to assault Cantin because, “he was outraged that his former wife became romantically involved with another man.”

John Perna was paid with a discounted wedding reception at Tommy Manzo’s  Paterson, N.J. catering hall, The Brownstone after the work was done. While Perna already served three years in prison after pleading guilty for assault in aid of racketeering activity. He was released in 2023. Tommy remained free on bail.

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James E. Dennehy, head of FBI’s Newark field office, said in a statement, “The facts and circumstances in this case read like something from a bad TV crime drama, but the evidence and testimony presented in court prove it was reality, We truly hope the victims in this investigation are able to move on with their lives and forget about Manzo and his criminal mafia bedfellows.”

Tommy Manzo had previously accused of committing a violent crime in aid of racketeering activity and conspiracy to commit a violent crime in aid of racketeering activity in an indictment in 2020. However, Now washed out all the charges against him.

How?, He used his rights under Speedy Trial Act as the prosecutor took too ling to get the trial underway. The Speedy Trial Act of 1974 calls for the trial which “must commence within 70 days from the date the information or indictment was filed, or from the date the defendant appears before an officer of the court in which the charge is pending.”

Additionally, He, with another man, has been accused of pending charges of allegedly breaking into Dina Manzo and Cantin’s home in Homdel, N.J. and beating the couple before robbing and fleeing the scene.

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