Black Panther job listing indicates Cliffhanger Games’ project will be dynamic open-world

The Black Panther job listing mentions that T’Challa’s adventure will be set in an open-world Wakanda.

black panther job listing

The Black Panther job listing details

Electronic Arts has posted a new job listing related to their upcoming Black Panther game. The Black Panther job listing was spotted by Insider Gaming and states that applicants need to design and integrate AI systems, encounters, and gameplay mechanics that contribute to a rich, sandbox environment.

Other responsibilities include: 

  • Helping in the creation of AI behaviors (both human and wildlife)
  • Working with the game design team to ensure sandbox elements mesh well with the game’s story
  • Working with technical artists to integrate both design and visual elements into the game’s story
  • Add certain gameplay features wherever gameplay and encounter systems overlap
  • Assist in creating templates and systems for dynamic events and interactions that react to player actions in a living, breathing game world
  • Integrating sandbox dynamics into mission design, allowing for smooth transitions between open-world exploration and structured missions
  • The job listing also requires applicants to have experience in using Unreal Engine and its tools, as well as over five years of experience in technical and sandbox designs for open-world games.

It looks like developer Cliffhanger Games’ upcoming project will feature a dynamic open world with random events that will react to whatever actions the player takes. The game was previously said to take place in Wakanda, the fictional African country that T’Challa hails from, so it looks like players will be exploring a large portion of the Black Panther’s home.

The Black Panther game was announced back in 2023 and is going to be a third-person, single-player experience. Development is being led by Kevin Stephens, the Vice President and Studio General Manager of Cliffhanger and was the Studio Head of Monolith Productions (the developer being Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War). Stephens said that Marvel’s Black Panther will have an original story and will be a sandbox game, allowing players to explore Wakanda. The developer is working with Marvel Games to ensure all aspects of the game will be authentic to the world of Black Panther.

Other Marvel games currently in development

black panther cast

Besides the Black Panther game, a few other Marvel games are also being worked on:

  • The guys behind the Dead Space remake, Motive Studio, are working on an Iron Man game.
  • Wolverine will also be slicing, dicing and generally just slaughtering bad guys in his solo title, Marvel’s Wolverine, courtesy of Insomniac Games, who developed the Marvel’s Spider-Man series of games.
  • If you can’t get enough of Black Panther, there’s also Marvel 1943: The Rise of Hydra, which will feature Captain America, Howling Commandos squad member Gabriel Jones, Wakandan spy Nanali, and Azzuri, the Black Panther during World War Two, and the grandfather of T’Challa. It’s being developed by Amy Henning’s game studio, Skydance New Media.
  • Another project is Marvel’s Blade, coming to us from Arkane Lyon, who also made Prey, Deathloop, and the Dishonored series of games.
  • Marvel Rivals is the Marvel version of Overwatch and is a 6v6 shooter featuring multiple Marvel heroes and villains. A beta test will kick off in May.

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