Gunfire breaks out near Drake’s Mansion: Related to his issues with Kendrick Lamar?

Drake's Mansion

During the ongoing argument between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, something frightening happened on Tuesday at Drake’s house in Toronto. The police came fast after someone reported a shooting at Drake’s Mansion in the Bridle Path area. They say a man got hurt, but they didn’t say who. People who like rap music, including Drake and Lamar’s fans, are wondering if this shooting has anything to do with their argument.

Drake was not harmed in the shooting.

Good news! Drake wasn’t the one who got shot. Toronto City News says the police came, but the person who did it had already left in a car. The police don’t know who did it yet. They took the injured man to the hospital. He’s part of Drake’s security team. He got shot in the chest, but thankfully, it’s not too serious.

Drake's Mansion

The police have blocked off the area where the shooting happened, and they’re still looking into what happened. We don’t know if Drake was home when it happened. Drake hasn’t said anything to the media yet. We also don’t know if he was home during the shooting.

Drake didn’t do well in the rap battle with Kendrick Lamar, and now he’s facing more problems. Someone vandalized one of his OVO stores in London, and people are being mean to him online. Now, on top of all that, there’s the scary situation with the shooting at Drake’s Mansion.

Drake's Mansion

Kendrick Lamar’s mean song “Not Like Us” talks about Drake’s big house

Kendrick Lamar released a new song called “Not Like Us,” where he says mean things about Drake, like accusing him of something bad. But what’s even weirder is that he put a picture of Drake’s Mansion on the cover of the song. But even if he didn’t do that, lots of fans already know where Drake’s Mansion is

Even though things are tense between Drake and Kendrick, there’s no proof that their argument caused the shooting. Some people online think Drake planned it, while others think Kendrick’s crew might have tried to hurt Drake. But whatever the case, their fight is one of the biggest in hip-hop history.

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