Homelander MK1 trailer drops showcasing his awesome power, as well as him drinking milk

Homelander from The Boys was announced for the MK1 Kombat pack a few months back and fans can now get a glimpse of what Homelander’s gameplay will be like with a new teaser which was released during CCXP 2024 convention.

homelander confetti

The Homelander MK1 teaser

homelander and ferra mk1

It kicks off with Homelander drinking some milk (an immediate and obvious reference to a scene from the show) before initiating a fight with Fire God Liu Kang. The Fire God warns the “hero” that he has chosen to wage war against a god, to which Homelander disagrees, saying that Liu Kang is the one choosing to wage war against a god, referring to himself.

Homelander is then seen firing lasers/using his heat vision to burn a hole in Liu Kang’s heat, resulting in said head exploding as the Fire God screams in agony. He also deals a powerful blow against Liu Kang by uppercutting him into the sky, where a plane collides with his body for additional damage. Another Kameo fighter, Ferra, is also seen with Homelander and will be the latest addition to the Kameo Fighter roster, but she doesn’t do anything in the teaser.

As of writing, no release date has been given for Homelander’s arrival, though developer NetherRealm has said he’ll be dropping sometime in Spring 2024. Homelander’s teaser also coincides with the season 4 trailer of The Boys, which was released a couple of days before the Mortal Kombat trailer. Guess that’s brand synergy for you.

What is The Boys?

homelander graffiti the boys season 1

The Boys is a comic book originating from the mind of comic writer Garth Ennis before being adapted into a TV show by Amazon.
It’s set in a world filled with superheroes but unlike Marvel or DC, these heroes are corrupt and work for the Vought corporation, who market them like celebrities. The Seven, a team of Vought’s best heroes, is led by Homelander (Antony Starr), who’s like Superman (if Superman only ever cared about himself and had no qualms about murdering people in cold blood and laughing about it).

To oppose him and The Seven is The Boys, a vigilante squad led by Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), who abhors every superhero in existence and wants to take all of them down, exposing who they really are behind the cover of saving the day and protecting the people.

The Boys has been a hit with viewers, and new shows have been made to expand the world (Hey, The Boys is a profitable show, so why not?). Seven on 7 is an in-universe news show owned by the Vought Corporation, with videos uploaded to YouTube used to promote the show. You’ve also got Diabolical, which is an animated series with every episode being a standalone story. Then there’s Gen V, which involves teenage heroes finding out about the terrible secrets of their superhero university where they’re learning to become superheroes and forcing them to think about who they want to become as heroes.

Currently, season 4 of The Boys is expected to drop on June 13 later this year.

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