Hailey Bieber’s post is fueling Justin Bieber split rumours on Instagram

Hailey Bieber shared a cryptic post on her Instagram which may fuel Justin Bieber split rumours for sure

justin bieber split rumours

Justin Bieber Split Rumours

The 27-year old model is sparking split rumours with her husband Justin Bieber as she shared an Instagram story on her official Instagram handle. This strengthened speculation about how the relationship is going on between the duo on the internet. As we all know, Hailey and Justin Bieber took break from the personal and professional life and went on vacation with their families.

hailey bieber instagram story

But now this post by Hailey Bieber took redditors with surprise as what is happening now between the Rhodes founder and Stay singer Justin Bieber. Fans thought Hailey might be“ phasing” Justin out of her life, embracing her new single era.

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She posted a close up snap in a dark room, Sporting a red light mask that only exposed her eyes, Hailey captioned the post: “I now know for sure this is the only life for me. Bed. Tea. Skincare.”

This story quickly went viral on social media platforms like reddit making fans cooking theories around Justin Bieber split rumours and all the more important, her ongoing relationship with the 30-year old singer.

The Truth About Justin and Hailey Bieber’s Marriage amid Divorce Rumors: What’s Really Going On (Exclusive Source)
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The couple has been married for six years and supporting each other at every step of life. However, They’re in limelight since the beginning of this year for such split rumours. At the same time,  they appeared to quash such rumours by turning up hand in hand at the Coachella festival earlier this month.

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