JK Rowling is Called a ‘Holocaust Denier’ | Explained

JK Rowling

Once again, JK Rowling is under fire on social media, accused of being a “Holocaust Denier.” The controversy started with a tweet on March 13, where Rowling supposedly challenged the idea that Nazis burned books on transgender healthcare and research, dismissing it as a “fever dream.”

Outcry from the public

British journalist Rivkah Brown promptly spotted the tweet and accused Rowling of denying the existence of the Holocaust. Following Brown’s allegations, social media saw a surge of criticism, with the hashtag “JK Rowling is a Holocaust Denier” trending on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Why was JK Rowling called a ‘Holocaust Denier’

In her tweet, JK Rowling expresses skepticism about the historical accuracy of books on transgender healthcare and research being burned by the Nazis during World War II. She questions how such a claim could be made without proper verification and suggests it may be a fictional or distorted belief, likening it to a “fever dream.”

JK Rowling

Meaning of “Fever Dream

Rowling’s tweet included the phrase “fever dream,” often associated with strange experiences linked to illness or strong emotions. It suggests doubt or uncertainty regarding the reported events. See the tweet below:

JK Rowling

Explanation and Apology

The situation took an unexpected twist when Brown withdrew her accusations, issued an apology, and removed her tweet. Even with this reversal, Rowling’s remarks reignited debates about her position on transgender rights and her handling of opposing viewpoints.

JK Rowling

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