A Timeline of What Happened Around Mica Miller’s Death

Mica Miller'

Mica Miller, a well-liked member of the community, died at the age of thirty. Her husband, John-Paul Miller, who is a pastor, first said she harmed herself. Now, this is causing disagreements and concerns among her followers, friends, and family. This timeline shows what happened leading up to this sad event.

Timeline of Events

  • April 27: Mica Miller’s body was found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head at Lumber River State Park in Lumberton, NC.
  • April 28: Pastor John-Paul Miller, Mica’s husband, announced her passing during a church service, attributing it to ‘self-induced.’
  • May 2: The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office opens an investigation into Mica’s passing, with officers gathering information from both North and South Carolina.
  • May 5: Despite the ongoing investigation, John-Paul Miller continues to assert that Mica’s passing was self-inflicted.

Reason for Mica Miller’s Death

During a service at Solid Rock Church in Myrtle Beach, John-Paul Miller, Mica Miller’s husband, told everyone that she had died. He said she had hurt herself, explaining it was because she was struggling with her mental health and having trouble getting her medication.

Message from Mica Miller’s Husband

John-Paul Miller gave a quick update about Mica’s death, mentioning her struggles with mental health. Then, he asked for prayers and support for Mica’s family, who are still here.

“Please pray for me, my children, and everyone. You all knew she was struggling with her mental health and it was difficult to get her medicine. There will probably be more information later, but please keep her family in your prayers.”

The pastor mentioned taking some time off for his church members and encouraged them to keep donating to the church while he’s away. He wasn’t sure when he would be back, saying he might need a break for a few weeks or even months.

Looking Into What Happened

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office is looking closely into what happened to Mica Miller. Major Damien McLean said officers are talking to people in both South and North Carolina to find out more. Despite what Pastor John-Paul Miller said about what happened to Mica, the police are still investigating to find out the truth.

They want to know if anything happened that led to her death. This is to help her family feel better and to make sure whoever is responsible faces consequences if they do something wrong. Pastor John-Paul Miller wanted to cremate Mica’s body quickly, but the investigators stopped him. They said they needed more evidence to be sure her death was really her own doing.

People on the internet are connecting Mica Miller’s recent divorce filing with what her husband said, suggesting her death might not be straightforward. Some doubt if she really took her own life. It’s been revealed that Mica asked for legal protection from her pastor’s husband because she was scared for her safety.

She had apparently told her family that she was afraid her husband might hurt her and make it look like an accident or self-harm. The divorce papers were filed last October but were canceled in February. Then, Mica filed again, this time with a request for legal protection. The papers were given to her husband two days before she died.

Plans for Memorial Service

A memorial for Mica Miller will happen on Sunday, May 12, at her old church in Myrtle Beach, SC. There will also be a beach memorial in North Myrtle Beach to remember her.


There’s a page on GoFundMe to help Mica Miller’s family during this tough time. So far, the campaign has gathered around $10,000.

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