Pokémon and KFC Team Up to Offer 5 Amazing Toys You’ll Want

Pokémon and KFC

There’s no better way to enjoy the weekend than with a Pokémon toy and a KFC meal, or at least that’s what these two famous brands want people in China to think. Pokemon and KFC partnered up to offer a new collection of Pokémon figures as part of a special menu for the upcoming Children’s Day holiday.

For over a century, countries worldwide have celebrated Children’s Day to honor and recognize children. It’s a day to raise awareness about important issues affecting kids and to celebrate the joys of childhood. For adults, Children’s Day also serves as a reminder to embrace their inner child and enjoy some carefree playfulness, just like in their youth.

Pokémon and KFC

In China, Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1. To celebrate, Pokemon and KFC china have partnered to offer a special Children’s Day set meal. According to KFC China’s official Douyin (TikTok) account, this meal will include delicious dishes and a set of special limited edition toys.

Pokémon and KFC Bring Fun and Treats

KFC is very popular in China, which makes this a big opportunity for Pokémon.

The campaign, running from May 18 to June 1, offers two meal options: a smaller meal for 69.90 CNY (9.64 USD) and a larger meal for 129.00 CNY (17.79 USD). With either meal, customers can choose one of five Pokémon characters: Pikachu, Psyduck (Koduck), Mimikyu, Togepi, or Gengar.

Each character has a special interactive feature. Pikachu plays songs on a CD player, and Gengar has a mini-gaming console for playing games. If customers buy the larger meal, they also get a Pokémon handheld game in addition to their chosen character. According to Comicbook.com, these unique figures are only available in China during this promotion.

People Really Love Pokémon

Pokémon and KFC

More and More People Want Pokémon Characters as Time Goes By

Other fast food restaurants besides KFC are teaming up with popular brands to celebrate Children’s Day in China. For example, Pizza Hut is partnering with Hello Kitty maker Sanrio to offer a similar meal and gift option. McDonald’s, another favorite among Chinese kids, has introduced the McWalkie-Talkie, allowing people to communicate from a distance.

But according to the Morning News, most kids across the country prefer the Pokémon toy if given a choice. Fake versions of the characters have even started appearing. This isn’t the first time KFC and Pokémon have joined forces. Last November, they offered four Pokémon characters as part of their holiday specials.

In China, Pikachu and Colonel Sanders make a successful team, with Pokémon and KFC being popular choices on Children’s Day.

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