Sony Took Off 8K Promise Silently from PS5 Packaging

Sony Took Off 8K Claim From PS5 Box, and People Are Just Noticing

Sony Took Off 8K

If you bought a new PS5 recently, you might have seen the big “8K” logo on the box. Sony took off 8K part, but many gamers only noticed this change recently. A viral thread about this has led to some strange conspiracy theories.

What Sony Actually Said About the PS5’s 8K Capabilities

Sony stated in November 2020 that the PS5 can connect to 8K displays from launch and will be able to output up to 8K resolution with a future software update when 8K content becomes available. They never promised more than this. Sony Took Off 8K logo from the box doesn’t change this fact. We don’t know why Sony updated the box, but it’s likely because no developers will release 8K content anytime soon, at least not in this generation.

One user on X said, “It is false advertising, and Sony should be sued for it.” Another Redditor suggested, “Yeah, because they will move the 8K claim to the PS5 Pro box.”

People might be surprised to learn that the Xbox Series X also claims 8K capabilities.

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