Discover 12 Easter eggs concealed within Taylor Swift’s ‘Fortnight from The Tortured Poets Department’ (TTPD)

Alright, Swifties! Get ready to explore the wealth of Easter eggs tucked away in Taylor Swift’s newest album, The Tortured Poets Department (TTPD).

1. Looking Back with Style

Many also observed some nods to past fashion moments. Taylor Swift’s garter in the opening scene is reminiscent of the one she wore during her ERA store’s midnight set, and the dress in the video reflects the one she donned for the album announcement.


2. The Beauty Mark of Clara Bow

Swift’s makeup in the opening scene bears a striking resemblance to that of silent film icon Clara Bow, whom Taylor has honored with a song dedication. The trend of thin eyebrows from the 1930s adds a historical dimension to the visual narrative.


4. Understanding the Small Things

The man dressed in white delivering medication might symbolize the lyric “miracle move on D R U G.” The numbers on the “forget him” bottle cleverly spell out Taylor’s birthday followed by the music video’s release date – April 19th.


5. Bound Melodies

Keen observers noticed the handcuffs featured in the video, a playful reference to the lyric “even if it’s handcuffed, I’m leaving here with you” from her track “I’m Gonna Get You Back.” This adds a touch of whimsy to the video’s overarching theme.


6. Typewriter Turns

Observant watchers noticed a purposeful gap in the word “ruining,” as Taylor types. Could this suggest a potential double album? Additionally, the absence of a number one key could playfully allude to the “Style” music video.


7. Medical Puzzle and Lyric Affection

The EEG machine showcasing “I love you, it’s ruining my life” directly connects to the song’s title, while the TTPD logo brings the entire concept back to the album.


8. Posty’s Story Session

While Taylor reads “The Story of Us” to Post Malone, it forms another link to her track from “Speak Now.”


9. Gathering of the Dead Poets Society?

During the torture scene, Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles, both actors from the classic film Dead Poets Society, make appearances.

10. Farewell, London?

The iconic London phone booth might allude to Taylor’s track “So Long London,” possibly suggesting insights into her relationship with Joe Alwyn.


11. Melancholy of the Black Dog

There’s no puzzle here – the black dog probably relates to the track “The Black Dog” on the TTPD album.


12. Swiftie Style

The video concludes with Taylor taking Post Malone’s hand and a glimpse of Taylor’s TTPD merchandise—a ring on her finger. It’s a discreet method of promoting the album while effortlessly blending it into the video’s storyline.


And that wraps it up! A rapid journey through the hidden treasures sprinkled throughout Taylor’s “Fortnight” music video. Whether deliberate Easter eggs or astute fan analyses, they undeniably enrich the viewing experience with intrigue and depth. Taylor delights in rewarding her loyal fans with these concealed intricacies.

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