The Yuri On Ice movie, “Ice Adolescence,” won’t be happening anymore.

The Yuri!!! On Ice

After almost ten years since it was first announced, MAPPA, the anime studio, has officially canceled the Yuri On Ice movie titled “Ice Adolescence.”

Fans of the 2016 anime series Yuri on Ice have been eagerly awaiting news about the theatrical animated movie that was announced in 2017 for nearly a decade. On April 19, 2024, they received the disappointing but expected announcement regarding Yuri!!! On Ice, the Movie: Ice Adolescence.

The official Japanese social media account for the anime, previously known as Twitter, revealed that Yuri!!! On Ice the Movie: Ice Adolescence was officially canceled. The announcement expressed gratitude for the ongoing support of fans and apologized for not being able to fulfill expectations.

Despite efforts by the production committee and staff to bring the movie to fruition, various challenges led to the difficult decision to halt production. The statement concluded with sincere apologies to everyone anticipating the movie’s release and gratitude for their continued support.



— 工藤 和真 (@kazuma_kudo) April 19, 2024

楽しみに待っていてくださった作品ファンの皆さんが世界中にいらっしゃるので、私も非常に残念です。いつか何かのカタチで、ヴィクトルたちの生きる世界線が改めて描かれる事があればいいなぁ… と願いつつ、美しく完結したTVシリーズを改めて見返してみよう。思い出は色褪せない。#yurionice

— 諏訪部順一 Junichi Suwabe (@MY_MURMUR) April 19, 2024

「ユーリ!!! on ICE 劇場版 : ICE ADOLESCENCE」

“YURI!!! on ICE the movie : ICE ADOLESCENCE” Cancellation Notice#yurionice

— TVアニメ「ユーリ!!! on ICE」 (@yurionice_PR) April 19, 2024

The Anime Team of The Yuri!!! On Ice Responds to the Disappointing Cancellation of the Movie.

The Yuri!!! On Ice

Junichi Suwabe, the voice actor for Victor Nikiforov in Yuri on Ice, expressed sadness about the anime movie being canceled. He mentioned the disappointment felt by fans worldwide who were eagerly awaiting it. Suwabe hopes that someday, Victor and his friends’ story will be told again in some way. In the meantime, he plans to rewatch the TV series, cherishing the memories it brings.

Kazuma Kudo, who sang “Aria (Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare)” in the anime, also shared his thoughts online. He expressed regret over the movie’s discontinuation but believes in the genuine love shown by the production team and fans. Kudo intends to revisit the main story from the beginning as a way to honor the dedication put into the series.

The Yuri!!! On Ice

From October 6, 2016, to December 21, 2016, the Yuri on Ice anime TV show gained popularity for its story about Yuri Katsuki, a 23-year-old figure skater who finds inspiration from his idol, Russian champion Victor Nikiforov. It was also praised for its representation of romance between the two male leads by the LGBTQ+ community. This series helped make studio MAPPA well-known before Jujutsu Kaisen or Attack on Titan.

Despite its success, the lack of updates about the Yuri On Ice movie, announced seven years ago, has led to a decline in its fanbase. However, the remaining fans have been vocal about wanting information from MAPPA. Although the official cancellation notice didn’t give a specific reason, MAPPA’s CEO mentioned in 2023 that the anime series didn’t bring in much profit for the studio.

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