Toni Fowler Tells Viewers She’s Splitting Up with Tito Vince During Live Video | What’s the Story?

Toni Fowler

Toni Fowler, a well-known vlogger in the Philippines, has been in the news because she told everyone that she and Vince Flores, also known as Tito Vince, are no longer together.

What’s the Break-up story of Toni Fowler & Tito Vince ?

In a recent livestream video shared online, Toni Fowler talked about her recent breakup with Vince Flores. She said, “Just so you know, sis, Vince and I broke up,” and also mentioned feeling overwhelmed, especially since she’s pregnant. Toni also posted on social media about their breakup, suggesting she blocked Tito Vince. Another post says, “I managed the first time. I’ve had practice. So I can handle the second. Back to #SingleMom.”

Reason for the breakup

The breakup reason isn’t known yet, but it could be because of a few things:

  1. Toni Fowler’s pregnancy might have made things tense between her and Tito Vince due to hormonal changes.
  2. They might have had a big argument, which happens sometimes in relationships.
  3. Tyronia, Toni Fowler’s daughter, could have been part of the fight. Toni doesn’t want Vince to discipline Tyronia, and they had an agreement about it. She prefers handling that herself.

Video going around online

In a TikTok video from January, Toni seemed upset about something involving Vince and her daughter, Tyronia. The video ended abruptly, but it seemed like Vince might have scolded and raised his voice at Tyronia, according to some viewers.

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After that happened, Toni chose to leave for Tyronia. In the video, she talked about the agreement they had about Vince’s role in parenting Tyronia. It finished with Vince saying sorry and asking Toni to forgive him and let him go with them on their trip.

Vince Flores’ Latest Post: Confirming Breakup Rumors

Tito Vince shared on Instagram, confirming the breakup rumors. He said that he and Toni Fowler had a big fight, which made Toni decide to talk about it and start the breakup. He wrote, “Yesterday, we had a really big argument and didn’t talk for a long time, which was the first time in our relationship. But I won’t let us break up because of Jowa’s pregnancy; she was really emotional, which is why she posted things.”

The most recent update

In a post from May 8, 2024, Tito Vince is shown hugging Toni Fowler in their bedroom, suggesting they’ve resolved their issues. He said he’s committed to their relationship and they’re doing fine as a couple now.

“…ngayon ay magkasama at okay na kami. Sa mga family and friends namin na tumatawag at lahat ng nag alala, don’t worry ayos na po ang lahat. I love you so much Mameh mahal na mahal kita 😍” – Tito Vince

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