Accident on Mt. Johnson: One climber dies in fall, another badly hurt

Mt. Johnson

Accident on Mt. Johnson

Denali National Park is very quiet now after a climbing accident. A skilled climber died last Thursday, April 25th, when two people fell while climbing Mt. Johnson, a very challenging mountain. The terrain there is tough, and the weather can be dangerous.

Mt. Johnson

Fall from a Height of 1,000 Feet

Mt. Johnson is a really tough mountain in Denali. It’s not like a regular hike you might do on the weekend. Experienced climbers like to try it, but it can be very dangerous. The weather and the steep slopes make it risky.

The National Park Service (NPS) said that the climbers, who were tied together, fell while they were climbing up. A 52-year-old woman named Robbi Mecus from Keene Valley, New York, died in the accident. Her climbing partner got hurt badly but is getting help from doctors.

Safety Precautions

“Glacier-covered mountains can hide deep crevasses beneath their icy surface. A misstep or lack of awareness can result in falling into these hidden crevasses, leading to serious injuries or death.”
– Mountain Climbing Risks (Discover Altai)

As climbers mourn the loss of one of their friends, they’re talking about making climbing safer on Mt. Johnson. The National Park Service (NPS) wants to remind everyone to be safe:

  • Start with hikes that match your skills.
  • Check the weather, bring the right stuff, and tell park rangers where you’re going.
  • Always climb safely and watch out for dangers.

The NPS has lots of helpful information on climbing safely:

We’re thinking of the family and friends of the climber who died. We hope the climber who got hurt gets better soon.

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