New Tails of Iron 2 Whiskers of Winter trailer shows off bloody bat vs. rat gameplay coming later this year

A new Tails of Iron 2 Whiskers of Winter trailer showcases the bloody carnage the Dark Wings are capable of and how Arlo will defeat them.

Tails of Iron 2 Whiskers of Winter release date

The Tails of Iron 2 Whiskers of Winter trailer

Tails of Iron 2 Whiskers of Winter gameplay

As part of the latest Xbox showcase, a new trailer for Tails of Iron 2 Whiskers of Winter was shown. Narrated by the gravelly voice of Doug Cockle (the guy who’s also voiced The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia), he explains the threat that’s invading the northern lands: bloodthirsty bats, who have returned after their defeat many moons ago.

Protagonist Arlo won’t be able to vanquish the bat threat on his own and will need to unite the other animal clans (owls, fish, rabbits, etc.) to his cause. Not all clans will be so friendly, as the frog clan from the first game is also present here as an enemy. Other massive beasties like spiders, chameleons/iguanas, and even a giant reanimated zombie bat (yes, that’s also here and it looks awesome), will stand in Arlo’s path to victory.

The trailer also shows the rat protagonist using a grappling hook for both traversal and to bring airborne enemies crashing to the ground, as well as upgrading his stronghold, The Winter’s Edge, throughout the game. Arlo can also be seen dodging attacks, wearing multiple sets of armor, and using swords and axes to cut down enemies, with a shield serving to block attacks, just like the first game. Cockle also mentions that legendary weapons can be forged by a blacksmith residing at The Winter’s Edge.

The trailer ends with the narrator giving viewers an ominous warning: “The stronger the light, the darker the shadow.”

What is Tails of Iron 2 Whiskers of Winter?

Tails of Iron 2 Whiskers of Winter download

The first Tails of Iron game is an RPG set in the south of the Ratdom (the Rat Kingdom) and involves a terrible war between the Ratdom and the Frog clan. This is where players stepped into the shoes of Redgi, the ruler of the southern rat kingdom, and went on a journey to end the threat posed by the frogs.

Tails of Iron 2 Whiskers of Winter will instead be set in the frozen north of the ratdom. This time, Arlo, the heir to the Warden of the Wastes, will be the main character, as he will be forced to fight the Dark Wings, a faction made up of bats eager for the blood of other clans. Given the images and setting of the game, Arlo and the Wardens will probably be similar to Vikings, with the bats acting as vampires given their bloodthirst. Like with the first game, the sequel will involve Doug Cockle as the narrator of Arlo’s story.

Like with the first game, Arlo will have to be quick on his feet and dodge, parry, and execute his enemies, depending on how fast-paced the game’s combat encounters will be. An arsenal of arms will be available, from axes, spears, and bows to some new toys that the main character will be able to pick up along his journey.

Superior equipment will be obtained by upgrading The Winter’s Edge and will be needed to take on large and powerful beasts, which in turn will drop key resources needed to forge even better items, though these beasts will be difficult to put down. You’ll also be able to imbue weapons with elemental damage to dish out more pain, and a day/night cycle will result in Arlo finding and killing different enemies depending on the time of day.

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